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Jury system to fight smuggling?


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight…” (Ephesians 1:4, the Holy Bible).

JURY SYSTEM TO FIGHT SMUGGLING? As a reaction to our column entitled “Broadcaster’s smuggling challenge”, California, US-based Filipino lawyer Marlowe Camello sent me an article which he wrote, dealing with the adoption of the jury system of trials in Philippine courts which, he said, could not just fight smuggling but restore justice as well. Some parts of Camello’s article follows:

“Why do we imperatively need to have the Jury System  (JS) in the Philippines? Because it is the proven  method to achieve unity among peoples of different    cultures, ethnicity, and tribes to jointly partake in the        administration of justice along side with their public  officials, as successfully proven in stable democracies.

“The jury system will empower us, common people, to use our          collective sovereign will by means of our jury votes or              ballots, to decide whether a crime offender, or an         untouchable grafter, accused of a crime, is `guilty’ or `not guilty’.

JURY SYSTEM MEANT FOR PEOPLE UNEDUCATED IN THE LAW: “We will be protected, instructed, and supervised, but not controlled in our jury decision, by         a presiding judge, when we serve for jury duty without                need of prior legal education.  Basically, the jury system is created for people who are uneducated in law.

“The jury system will (1) prevent             discrimination in the administration of justice; (2) prevent discrimination by the rich over the poor; (3) Stop discrimination between Christians and Muslims, for religious reasons against each other and other tribal or ethnic groups.

“The jury system will also (4) speed up completion and disposition of court cases from six to 12 years down to as early as six to 12 months or 18 months at the most; (5) greatly decrease back log of court cases; (6) free judges and prosecutors from political control by          powerful public officials.

JURY SYSTEM TO ELIMINATE CORRUPTION BY 85%: “Through jury ballots, the jury system will (7) equalize the people’s massive support among their three government branches;  (8) it will create an enduring unity and peace between and among the different ethnic groups in the community; (9) it will substantially diminish graft and corruption by as much as 85% in as early as two years.

“(10) It will prevent anyone from claiming that he is above the law by reason of his government power, title, or nobility; (11) it will reinforce and augment efforts of government crimebusters who are afraid or cannot decide to investigate or indict, or not to investigate or not to indict, high profiled and powerful `untouchable’ political government grafters.

“The jury system will (12) unmask and stop deviant and hypocrite crime-fighters from taking credit in solving crimes and will expose those who are in fact engaged in crimes of their own for self-enrichment and self-empowerment, such as creating death squads; (13) once the jury system is adopted, going after high crime offenders shall become the main concern for joint action by both the people and so-called powerful officials who maybe unwilling to run after such crime offenders…”

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By Atty. Batas Mauricio

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