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VIABLE OPTION By: Bro. Paeng Santos


Wake up!
As Beng Climaco
says, “Vaya Con Dios”

(Part One of Three)

The battle cry is still on. No Retreat, No Surrender! You are indeed very consistent. First the Mayoralty, now the congressional seat; and you still call yourself Monsi for Monsignor, a French title given to princes, prelates and bishops.

In 2007, you showed us that the greatest desire of your heart was to seek the Mayoralty seat. You neglected the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus and decided to march and lead the people to climb the stairways of City Hall instead of the stairways to heaven. Apparently, you concluded, that to address the needs of the people behind a rostrum is better than to do it behind the pulpit. For a priest, such an action is like jumping from a prying pan directly into the fire.

Do you remember what had happened then? You have had an upsetting experience because most of the electorate believed that you are a square peck for civil governance. Now you are seeking a congressional seat. How could you possibly achieve that? Do you think by presenting yourself as a servant-leader and no matter how costly it will be, you will succeed in your ambition?

Indeed, some people needs to learn their lessons the hard way. And you chose to learn it the second time around from the same formidable and honorable opponent. Whatever you may give the people or will try to arouse their emotions against him, he was not elected Mayor straight three times for nothing. Why? Because he is – COMPETENT, ENERGETIC, LOYAL, and SERVICE ORIENTED. Pick up the first letter of those definitions and you have CELSO.

Besides, some church people are asking: What will a former priest do in congress? Will he pray or just prey like the others? Will he reform or perform a sinful act and just repent later? But if, repeat if, the rumour about him is true, then I would suspect that he would probably try to pass a law on same sex marriage. God forbids!

Wake up!
As Beng Climaco says, “Vaya Con Dios”
(Note: Part two to be continued on next issue)

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