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Wake up! As Beng Climaco says, “Vaya Con Dios”


(Part Two of Three)

To the readers of this column, as we continue from the first part of this article published yesterday, Viable Option would like to clarify why the honourable Mayor Celso L. Lobregat is loyal to Zamboangueños. Have we forgotten the MOA-AD Controversy? On this issue, it was the Mayor who acted more intensively to protest the inclusion of Zamboanga Hermosa or any part of it in the proposed Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain between the government panel and the so-called (MILF) Bangsamoro Republic.

Some of our so-called leaders, especially the Mayor’s political opponents were afraid to be involved. But Celso L. Lobregat, as many has claimed, with caring and courage rose up and face the danger or risking his own life to defend and protect the integrity and sovereignty of Zamboangueños. He rallied the people and inspired them to wear red T-shirts as a symbol of courage and anger; and spearheaded the voice of Zamboanga to the utmost authority to declare the MOA-AD as unfair and unconstitutional. That’s how loyal a true servant-leader is! But where was Monsi and the other opponents of the Mayor at that time?

And now back to your ambition dear Monsi, if I may call you that. If you have your mind continually engaged in thinking about your long-range goals or ways in which you can achieve, earn, or have something way out yonder, you will miss many of today’s blessings. You’ll be less able to enjoy the relationships and good things that God has given  you to enjoy right now. You may miss the very thing that would satisfy you the most.

In the past many remembered your messages to your congregation of the Lord’s greatness and goodness, and that His best for them is going to be better than anything we can choose! That the Lord is going to give only the best for them. But now, in your ambition, you are presenting yourself as the greatest and the best solution to all their problems. Wow! But the question: Are you doing the right thing? Giving is good. But what do you give?.. And why do you give? Does it please and honor God? Oh, by the way, if it’s any consolation, many people knows how great you are, and the best you are in doing things; but they say, you don’t do it in public.

I wish I knew what they mean. Try take a viable option. Wake up! As Beng Climaco says, “Vaya Con Dios”  TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. (Note: To be continued next issue)

By Bro. Paeng Santos

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