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Politicians keeping many Filipinos poor


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world…” (James 1:27, the Holy Bible).

WHO TO VOTE FOR ON MAY 13: With barely two weeks to go before the May 2013 elections, an effort must be made by all those who want to see real progress and development in this country to ensure that the candidates who will win are only those who are possessed with good qualities and impeccable desire to serve the people. Who are these candidates?

As far as I am concerned, these are the candidates who will not buy votes, who will not place their posters and other campaign materials in places not designated by law, who will not terrorize the supporters of their political foes, who will not kill their adversaries. Anyone doing any of these should not be voted into office.

Then, voters must look at the lifestyle of the candidates: do they have mistresses, children out of wedlock, riches beyond their salaries and businesses, and tried and tested loyalty to their political patrons? Again, anyone of these candidates should not be elected. If Filipinos would still be voting for them, then, they get the officers they really deserve.

POLITICIANS KEEPING MANY FILIPINOS POOR: But, do Filipino voters now have the capacity to make an informed choice as to who to vote for? Perhaps, some of those who belong to the so-called middle class—or those who were lucky enough to become professionals and land stable jobs—can really claim that they can make an intelligent decision. But to the millions who are poor and underprivileged, it is clear that choosing the appropriate candidate is a near impossibility.

That is why politicians take advantage of, and abuse, them. This class of voters can be easily manipulated, enticed and even terrorized. This is why, in many cities and municipalities, officials do not really aspire to provide employment or stable jobs, or bountiful harvests in fields and agricultural lands. It is to the best interest of crooked and greedy politicians that Filipinos remain poor.

With Filipinos remaining poor and uneducated, their dependency on the political kingpins in their towns, cities and provinces, likewise remains. This dependency assures the continuing complete control of a good number of voters, to assure the politicians’ perpetuity in office, and their being succeeded by their wives, husbands, sons and daughters.

FILIPINOS MUST BE EDUCATED ON SPIRITUALITY: The objective therefore should be to educate Filipinos wherever they maybe. And by this “education” I don’t mean a formal education which, by reason of poverty, most often reaches only to the last year—grade six—in elementary school. What I mean is, educating Filipinos on spirituality and righteousness, no matter what their religion or spiritual affiliations might be, no matter how poor they maybe.

If our countrymen are given the desired training and instruction on who or what is God, and are inspired with a life based on spirituality and righteousness, even if they have  not received any formal education, they will be able to decide what is good not only for themselves but even for their fellow Filipinos. They will know what is good and what is bad—they will know who among the candidates will do good and who will be corrupt. They will know, because God—whatever they conceive Him to be—will guide them.

That is why believers of every sect and denomination must endeavor to instill in the minds of their followers their basic doctrines, because these basic doctrines are centered on holiness, obedience to God, and care and concern for other believers and other men and women. It is only when there is a renewing of the minds of believers, when they no longer conform to the evil patterns of the world, that godly strength comes over the country and would propel it to its rightful destiny.

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