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VIABLE OPTION By: Bro. Paeng Santos


Wake up
As Beng Climaco says,
“Vaya con Dios”

(Last of three)

When you pursued a vocation to be in the service of the Lord, your heart’s desires pleases and honoured Him. God accepted you, trusted, ordained and promoted you up to the title of Monsignor – a French title given to princess, prelates and bishops. But somewhere along the way, you made a deviation from your original intended divinely and honourable heavenly course to one serving as an alternative to a more direct route down to the world of filthy politics.

Again, do you remember what had happened then? If you have your mind continually engaged in thinking about your long-range goals or ways in which you can achieve, earn, or have something way out yonder, (such as seeking to be a Congressman) you will miss many of God’s blessings that He has given you to enjoy right now. And you may not be able to do the very thing that satisfy God the most – to worship in spirit and in truth. Learn from 2007. One lesson should be enough. Two is too much for a former priest.

The same thing holds for your emotions. If you are continually living in old emotions – feelings and reactions that you have had for many years, old hurts, or festering wounds – you will miss out the joys of responding; and your response must always be toward God, not away from Him. What an irony it would be if you are one of many people who do not respond to God blame God for being unresponsive to them or even try to blame Him for the bad things that happens in their lives. Take care! God is the only viable option we have.

Humbly, let me share this with you. Charles Stanley, in his message – The Purifying Power of Pain, believes a better approach is to say, “Father, I give myself to you. You know who I am and what is in my best interest. I am trusting You to give me the things I need and to give those things that are truly going to be of benefit to me.”

This prayer, if you take this approach – trusting God to provide for you the best of everything that He knows you need – you will be freed in four ways:
1.) You’ll know that whatever comes you way is truly from the Lord. You’ll never have cause to confuse what is of your own engineering and what is a gracious gift from God.

(2.) You will be freed from striving for things – from planning and struggling and scheming day in and day out to get the things you need or want.
You will be freed of all needs to manipulate your circumstances.

(3.) You will be freed from all concern about whether you have made the right choices or you have settled for something that is less than God’s best.
(4.) You will be freed in your ability to praise God, for you will see His providence far more clearly. You’ll know that He, and He alone, is the source of your total supply. (Stanley – Purifying Power of Pain, p. 239-240)

Right now, personally, I adopt this suggested prayer to declare my full dependence upon Him; and I claim His faithfulness on his promises – for God is the only Viable Option we have. Yes, He, and He alone is the Source of your total supply – not the Mayoralty, or a Congressional Seat.

Wake up! As Beng Climaco says, “Vaya Con Dios.”

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