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Point of clarification on CPAF manifesto


The MANIFESTO adopted by the CPAF family association Executive Board of Lamitan City, Basilan on its declaration of the noble commitment to support the candidacy in tandem of Madam Rosita Uy Furigay for City Mayor and Roderick H. Furigay for Vice Mayor, respectively, in the May 13, 2013 was not ratified by the general assembly pursuant to its Constitution and By-Laws during the general membership meeting held early this year.
As acting secretary of CFAF in the year 2012, this manifesto was not presented for discussion and deliberation during the CPAF Executive Board meeting. The minutes of the Executive Board meeting did not show and confirm that such manifesto was taken up for adoption. There was no Board resolution number assigned in the adoption of the manifesto.

A paid advertisement printed on the Zamboanga Today issue on May 2, 2013 is not sanctioned by the Executive Board. The paid ADS has the color of political advertisement and propaganda inimical to the interest and prejudicial to other CPAF members who are seeking elective positions, have been viewed as bias and prejudicial as well as untimely considering that it was adopted twelve months before the May 13, 2013 elections and not a single candidate had ever filed certificate of candidacy in 2012.

Many Executive Board members, needless to mention, the publication of the manifesto at this point in time cried out foul. The CPAF association has lost its meeting and purpose. It is non-political accredited as an NGO. Mayor Rodaerick H. Furigay, a CPAF member holding the highest elective position in the City of Lamitan is taking advantage of his influence.

The CPAF President then in 2012 took the initiative and painstakingly sought individual signatures of the members who were present during the meeting held last May 12, 2013 at Lamitan Plaza RESTO, Lamitan City. I signed the manifesto as acting secretary of the CPAF association and advised the President to have this manifesto for deliberation and finally for ratification by the general membership during the annual general assembly meeting. The manifesto was not presented to the general membership during the assembly and as such, there was no ratification or approval to render it valid and forceful. It is in itself null and void ab initio since it was not ratified during the annual general membership assembly meeting pursuant to Section 1, Article VII of the CPAF Constitution and By- Laws.

Likewise, the Executive Board should settle the issue pursuant to Article II, Section 3 on the Declaration of objectives and policies of the Constitution and By-Laws to adopt the policy of shared responsibility and the preferential use of arbitration and voluntary means in settling amicably dispute and conflict of interest.

By Perry S. Lahaman

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