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Seven planets like the earth? “Israh Wal Miraj”: A prediction of space travel at high speed


“It is Allah WHO has created seven heavens the earth the like thereof (seven) HIS command descends between them (heaven and earth) that you may know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah surrounds all in (His) knowledge”
- Holy Quran, (Surah At-Tahrim), 66:17

“… of the earth you know, but there are probable earths of course as your own and they are all in one way or another connected.” 
- Seth, the entity who spoke to Jane Roberts
-  Jane Roberts, Dreams, “EVOLUTION” AND VALUE FULFILLMENT (1986)

Years ago scientists of  NASA had announced that in some million of miles in space in the universe they discovered, that there was a planet which was similar  to our earth in all its contents (air, atmosphere, etc.).
Similar announcement again last year that another planet was discovered with the same elements as our earth.

The above verse of the Holy Qur’an which was told to the Holy Prophet that seven earths were created the like thereof (like our earth). Muhammad (SAW) was no scientist, how did he know that planets were existing like ours, not only one but seven! Scientist had already discovered two of them, and that means we still have five more to go! Does that mean the “end of time” is near? I leave that to the PROPHET OF DOOM to say.
Look at the second quotation from Seth, an entity who spoke to an American psychic, Jane Roberts who told her of similar earths like ours and this was only of recent times (1986).

What about the “ Israh wal Miraj” this took place one thousand years ago in Mecca from the SACRED MOSQUE (Kaaba) to JERUSALEM (MOSQUE OF AQSA) the remains of Solomon Temple in just one night (a travel by camel by the Arabs of that time was one month) and as “ascend to the seven heavens” in the same night and he (Muhammad(SAW) was back to earth before morning.

What was the lesson for the coming generations? First, it was to tell the early muslims that speed travel
would happen at some future time (it’s now our time) and ascended to the seven heavens (space travel) in our time, it happened and still happening. Was the Holy Qur’an wrong? God forbid! It was a Sacred Prophecy, and we are enjoying the fruits of that Prophecy.

Though the Arabs of the Prophets time doubted his story but time has proven he was right. The “Story of Israh and Miraj” has to be told to the next generations until Allah terminates our existence. The lessons of Israh wal Miraj are so valuable  that muslims all over the world cannot afford to forget. Our forefathers were right in institutionalizing  the story of “is rah Wal Miraj”.

But in our (muslim) midst there are elements who denounced the observance and celebration of “Israh wal Miraj”. They give us a cacophony of reasons but in reality they are non believers. They are the enemies of Islam- descendants of Abu Sufyan, of Muawiyah, of Yazid who built the UMMAYAD DYNASTY  and forced upon the muslims their tyranical rule, was indeed, the worst in Islam history.

By Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj

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