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So what is your first priority?


(Part one of two)

Yesterday, the winners of the last election took their Oath of Office and today they assume office of their respective position. But firstly, I would like to congratulate Pin-Pin Pareja and Jawo Jimenez, a newly elected and re-elected councillors respectively. These two practically won on their own honor as independent candidates. They don’t have the “honorables” whose names “rings a bell” in politics behind them.

While most of the legislative members won because of their kindness and caring hearts and dedication and sincerity to serve their constituents; but in addition to Pin-Pin and Jawo, they won because majority of the voters believed and trusted in their convictions and principles to oppose and protect the people from something they truly are convinced and persuaded to be wrong and are harmful or not convenient for the people. To all the winners… CONGRATULATIONS! And again to Pin-Pin Pareja and Jawo Jimenez, my congratulations. You are truly worthy of being honoured.

Now as we come to the main topic of this article, the Bible reveals to us that government is ordained by God. All authority comes from God, and all those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. The authorities are God’s servants for the good of the people in which they all made a solemn affirmation to serve without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. And the last phrase of their Oath they solemly pray, “so help me God.” This is practically calling God as a witness to their Oath.

An “Oath” is a solemn declaration to a god or a higher authority that one will speak the truth or keep a promise. And now the questions: In practice, who will be their God? What will be their priority? What will be the kind of truth that they will uncover to us. Will their God be the God of City Hall? Will their priority be their ROI? Will they show us the truth that will bring joy or torment us even more? It is general knowledge that with SP is where common sense are no longer very common. Let us change. As what the now honourable Mayor Maria Isabel “Beng” Climaco Salazar says, “VAYA CON DIOS.” Yes, Go or Walk with God!
(Note: Last part of this article to be continued on next issue.)

By: Bro. Paeng Santos

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