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“Nishfu Sha’ban celebrated by Muslims, Ramadan is just a few days to day one; city museum becoming a popular spot”


“Let there be no compulsion in religion”
-    Holy Qur’an, Surah 2:256

“Almighty Allah is more affectionate towards women than men”
-    (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

“Every man who calls a muslim infidel will have the epithet returned to him”
-    (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW)

How true are the above statements. There are people in our midst who would want to impose their creed on others without the least shame. Even God is not incline to have people believe in Him if they do not desire to have such belief.

And worst some in the muslim community there are“Second Class Copy-Cats” copying the crazy Arabs of discriminating their women, one example is the imposition of the “niqab” (face veil). Niqab is different from “hijab” which is recommended but not “niqab” if some fanatics insist that it is Islam which commanded such unfashionable fashion they better read this findings by some Islamic Scholars and muslim professional in Morocco and Iran:

•    The niqab(face veil) was the invention of the Christian Aristocracy , one thousand years ago.
•    The Arabs copied the “niqab” from the Persians before Islam, and adopted this into their culture.

How some of these women flaunt this “weird” costume in our midst is a very strange phenomenon.

I was curious to know who are “these women” who arrogantly walk downtown unmindful of how people look at them, some of these women are haughty in their movements, is these the image of Islam?

Oh, yes , I remember the Bidaa advocates said it in one of their radio programs that Islam requires this women ”to hide their faces” if they are too beautiful! This is the catch. No wonder, with that definition, some women who may not be so beautiful would want to wear such outfit… yes your guess ir right! They would want to appear beautiful!, per  definition of that religious sheikh!

If Islam imposes such costume on these women in order that they be called obedient followers of Islam therefore, there must be something wrong with the ulama of the following mulim countries namely:

a. Islamic Republic of Iran – the women wear hijab but not niqab

b. Malaysia – any woman who flaunt the niqab in Malaysia  can be subject to arrest (according to Col. Halim of the MIT)

c. Jordan, Indonesia, Egypt, Brunei, the UAE, Morocco, Algeria, or even Libya are there women less of a muslim just because they don’t wear the face veil as compared to the women of Saudi Arabia and the women of Afghanistan?

Does this mean that only the Saudi women and those who wear the burqa are superior women in piety than their sisters in those muslim countries which I already mention? Is the covering of the faces of these women become the parameter “ to obtain God’s blessing and mercy”, that is if we were to follow the logic of the Bidaa advocates.

If these logic is acceptable to all muslims(the wearing of niqab) there must be something wrong somewhere. Because my niece who just came from Saudi Arabia, told me that Saudi women are beginning to fight back- meaning they are now working in bazaars, in restaurants, soon they will be driving there cars.

The next chapter for them is the removal of the abaya ( the head to toe covering for the women).

But in Zamboanga City it is the reverse they are wearing it (the niqab in full view). Remember  “there is no compulsion in Religion”!

Last June 24, 2013 the opening and blessing of the PARQUE DE CIENCIA DE ZAMBOANGA at the Jardin Maria Clara in Pasonanca. Its good for the students and other visitors to drop by and see whats inside the science centrum.

Side by  side the PARQUE DE CIENCIA is the MUSEO DE ZAMBOANGA  which was just open to the public last April 28, 2013. According to the staff they(Museum staff) are always on there toes due to the many visitors coming to the museum everyday of the week.

Come and see the origin of Zamboanga City and her treasures.

As promised, here is the article of Ms. Sheila S. Nuño narrating how her grandmother, Taluksangay grand lady, the late Hadja Sheika Bagis Nuño who handed down her knowledge of making Locot-Locot to Sheila’s mother Hadja Haifa Samson Nuño.

Here is her Story.

By:  Sheila S. Nuño

In 1970; Hja. Sheika Bagis Nuño the wife of the venerable leader Hji. Jainuddin Nuño (My Grandmother and Grandfather) respectively use to cook Locot-Locot for her husband Hji. Jainuddins Nuño’s numerous visitors coming to visit barangay Taluksangay, a historical village located 19 kms east of Zamboanga City. Taluksangay  is considered to be the first center of Islamic propagation in the Zamboanga Peninsula. During this time, several Muslims missionaries and tourists would visit this historical place.

Hja. Sheika Nuño daughter-in-law, Hja. Haifa S. Nuño (My Mother) helped in the kitchen during the peak seasons of visitation this was where she (my mother) mastered the complicated process of making Locot-Locot. Several years later she decided to establish a business,”ZAMBOANGA’S BEST” were its main product, Locot-Locot.

By word of mouth, Zamboangueños started spreading how delicious this delicacy is and it became a favorite pasalubong for “balikbayans” and for relatives living abroad with this ZAMBOANGA’S BEST main distribution outlet is at the Zamboanga Internation Airport.

Last year with the help of her daughters ( me, and other siblings) expanded her product line to include another muslim delicacies (baulo). The company’s name was changed to TALUKSANGAY MUSLIM DELICACIES to pay homage to where it all began. Presently, the company’s major distribution outlets include Mindpro Citimall, Zamboanga Internation Airport, LB supermarket and Astoria Hotel Pasalubong Counter.

Taluksangay’s Muslim Delicacies is constantly participating in various trade events organized by the Department of Trade and Industry.

In our next issue, with permission from Sheila, we will feature what Manila’s writers wrote about the famous Locot-Locot. Watch for the next issue.

Meanwhile, Adelante Zamboanga!

By Prof Ali. T. Yacub, Al-Hj

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