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“Symptomatic of rigged elections”


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…save others by snatching them from the fire…” (Jude 23, the Holy Bible).                                                            

WHY NOT TAP IDEAS OF POLITICAL OPPONENTS? Some may brand me as a “loyalist” or something for mentioning this today, but, never mind, I will mention it nevertheless, to show that, if only our present crop of government leaders can have the capacity to go beyond colored politics, they can profit from the vision of former officials about what can be done to solve many of our problems now, including traffic congestion in Metro Manila.            

Why don’t we seriously consider the plan of then First Lady, and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Romualdez Marcos, to decongest Metro Manila by transferring government offices and schools in the peripheries of the metropolis? That way, the volume of vehicles plying Metro Manila’s roads will not only be greatly lessened. We can even develop towns and cities in provinces adjoining Metro Manila, thereby creating economic activities that will benefit the people in the long run.                                                            

MAKING EDSA A ONE WAY STREET: And then, why don’t we also tap other officials who have a bright idea or two about traffic decongestion in Metro Manila, study the merits of their plans or proposals and, if found feasible, implement them right away?
I am particularly referring to Metro Manila Development Authority Vice Chairman Alex Cabanilla, who has been proposing to make EDSA and other major streets one way-streets at certain times of the day. This plan seems good to many traffic experts, but Cabanilla is not being given the opportunity to expound on it. Why? Is someone afraid that Cabanilla’s idea might work, and so he might outshine others?                                                            

WHY NOT NUCLEAR POWER FOR ELECTRICITY? On the perennial shortage of electricity and high cost of power, why is the Aquino government insisting on its refusal to tap nuclear power plants, and is instead doggedly pursuing its contracts with the so-called independent power producers (IPPs) even if their rates are totally oppressive and are now beyond the reach of ordinary consumers? Because the use of nuclear power plants was first broached by then President Marcos? Or because IPPs are owned by favored souls?         

Yes, history will be the ultimate judge of our leaders, but then, at this point, who cares about history? Our people are even now living in abject poverty, are deprived of even the most basic necessities of life, and are doomed to remain poor and underprivileged and marginalized for the rest of their lives because of lack of satisfactory economic progress in this country. We must do something for them now, or they will feel compelled to take matters into their own hands.                                                             

GODSPEED, RACHAEL DONAIRE: On a happy note, I wish to add my felicitations to Rachael Donaire, the pregnant wife of Filipino boxer Nonito Donaire Jr., who is now receiving worldwide accolade for saving a child from drowning during a party. News accounts say Rachael did not hesitate to jump into the water to save the child, even if she was already nine-months pregnant. Indeed, Rachael is a modern-day hero. Let us all join Nonito in praying that everything will be well for her and her baby during her delivery.                                                            

DEATH PENALTY IS NOT THE ANSWER, SEN. SOTTO: Will the return of the death penalty at least for illegal drugs cases stop the drugs problem in this country, as envisioned by Sen. Vicente Sotto III? The question can best be answered by the experience of Filipino drug mules who have been transporting drugs even to countries where the death penalty is in effect. Filipinos will always deal with illegal drugs, if that is the only way for them to earn and feed their families, Mr. Sotto. Can’t we think of something better, Sir?                                                            

“RIGGED ELECTIONS”: Benjamin A. Samonte of the Facebook group “Filipinos for better Philippines-International Movement”, reacted to our column about the phenomenon of election results where there are more votes than voters or ballots: “Symptomatic of rigged election! Those who won, for most of the results, were not really elected by most of Filipino electorate…”                                                            

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