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SK: training Filipino kids on godliness


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way that he should go, and he will not depart from it when he grows old…” (Proverbs 22:6, the Holy Bible).

PEOPLE’S RIGHT IN ELECTIONS: Reader Jorge Matanguihan, a member of the Internet group “batasforum”, sent this reaction: “It is sad that losing candidates in areas where more votes than voters are noticed prefer to do nothing, when statistically it can be proven if the same winner will come out if the excess votes are duly accounted for.

“They (the losers) are only after winning the position and not serving the people. They only want to serve their interest. The truth is, this is a matter of significant public interest. How this happened should be determined conclusively so that it can be prevented in future elections.

“At this point, the limited few who know how it can happen can capitalize on it in the next elections, unless it is revealed now and measures are properly put in place. The Comelec owes this not to any candidate but to the public. And it is the people’s right to know how there could be more votes than voters.”

“MAY GOD TAKE CARE OF YOU”: US news outlets are now engaged in a frenzied attempt to downplay the crash landing of the Asiana Airlines flight last July 07, 2013 (Philippine time) at the San Francisco International Airport in the US, by saying plane crashes occur only at the rate of “one in a million”, and that survival rates are usually at a high of 95 percent during these mishaps.

That is true, and statistics will show that airplanes remain to be the safest mode of transportation worldwide, the crashes notwithstanding. But then, nobody knows when a plane will crash, and where. As Filipinos are fond of saying, “only God knows” (or, “tanging Diyos lamang ang nakakaalam”).
This being the case, the wisest thing is to invoke God’s protection and deliverance from harm before taking the plane, or before doing anything else.
Indeed, it is no longer enough to simply say “take care” to anyone we hold dear, for no man can ever really take care of himself, especially in stressful and dangerous situations like a plane crash. The better thing to say is “may God take care of you”, with a raised hand towards your loved one. This is so because, in Acts 8:17 of the Bible, we can see that the Holy Spirit of God comes to the people upon whom we lay our hands on, in blessing.

SK: TRAINING FILIPINO KIDS ON GODLINESS: I agree with Senators TG Guingona III and Bam Aquino that we should not abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan—not yet anyway. I also agree that remedial measures must instead be instituted to make the SK more responsive to the needs of the youth today, especially those who are undergoing the trauma of separated parents, for one reason or another.

The SK can be used as an effective forum to instill discipline, love of others, of country and of God, of moral and spiritual education among the youth, which their parents, teachers and their priests or pastors could no longer do, and to teach them practical, vocational, or technical knowhow that they can use in their everyday lives, or in earning decently.

This country needs a strong organization, like the SK, to do all these for the Filipino youth, who are now often the subject of elderly complaints, to the effect that they no longer respect their elders, they no longer have discipline, they have gone wayward, and strayed much too far away from God. The SK can be a forum whereby the Filipino youth are once again trained in the way that they should go, according to godly and spiritual values that can make this nation truly great again!

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By Atty. Batas Mauricio

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