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Pasonanca Elementary School opens SPED Class (together with Grade 7)


To accommodate pupils/serve students with special educational needs who are residing in Pasonanca and communities within its proximity, the Pasonanca Elementary School (PES) with the support of the Sta. Maria District office, establishes its pioneer Special Education class this school-year. With a parent-teacher orientation conducted on July 6, 2013 aimed at acquainting parents together with their special children to the program, the school expresses optimism at the prospect of improving the odds of children with special needs as they grow.

The program is aimed to individually support students who need more attention than regular school children to develop on several areas of learning.

Kids with conditions, learning disorders as well as gifted children who make up the main target-clients of the program, demonstrate exceptionally high or low abilities in intellectual, creative, academic, leadership, or artistic areas, hence, the need for special individualized educational program.

Children with physical disability, hearing and vision impairment, learning and behavioral disorders and the likes are expected to benefit from the SPED program.

For inclusion in the program, a child would need to be assessed by the SPED teacher first. Once the assessment confirms that the child has special needs, the child will then be endorsed and enrolled into the program.

Currently, there are already 10 students who were assessed with special needs and were endorsed for the pilot class. The number is expected to increase each school-year.

With this program, the Pasonanca Elementary School now joins a select group of public elementary schools which offers SPED education services.

Aside from the Special education program, the Pasonanca Elementary School announces that it now offers high school education (to house) with the integration of Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School Annex.  In adherence to the recently decreed law providing for the broadening of elementary and high school education to 12 years and the signed city ordinance creating DPLMHS extension in Pasonanca, the school opened its doors to Grade 7 students most of whom were its elementary graduates. The DPLMHS annex is aimed to serve incoming high school students from Pasonanca and remote districts of Abong-Abong, Bandera, Dulian and Upper Pasonanca.

Six classes were opened for Grade 7 level with an average of 58 students per classroom. The high school section is currently headed by its officer-in-charge, Mr. Jhonathan G. Silao.

The city ordinance creating the DPLMHS extension in Pasonanca is a pet-project of Councilor Gerasimo “Gerky” Valesco.

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