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Silsilah Message for Ramadhan 2013/ 1434 HC


The Muslim and Christian members of Silsilah  have made it a practice to welcome   the month of Ramadhan  celebrated by the Muslim Ummah and the  Advent and Christmas  seasons  celebrated by the Christians as a special time to  renew  friendship and solidarity.  This  message is addressed  not only to the Muslim members and  close friends of  Silsilah, but also to  the whole  Muslim Ummah around the world  on the occasion of the month of Ramadhan in 2013 that starts on July 8 and  ends  August 6  (Hijrah Calendar,  Ramadhan 1434).

While we share  our best wishes with  the  Muslims close to us we  cannot  ignore the  suffering of  many Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, especially now  in countries like Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan and other  parts  of the world. We cannot   ignore either    that  many  Muslims  also suffer in the Philippines especially in  our   own areas in Mindanao.  Christians  and people of other religions also suffer.  Why is there so much  suffering?   We cannot ignore  the increasing  abuse of power, the use of  illegal drugs and  many other  illegal and immoral activities. We often  remain silent and  powerless because of fear.  Our silence often  perpetuates  discriminations, poverty, injustices, corruption  and illegal businesses,  adding more problems  to our society.

Ramadhan reminds  the Muslims  in the world  of the importance of fasting and prayer as  a way to  be closer to  God and to care  for those who are most in need. Ramadhan  is an important  occasion for purification.  Christians  are  grateful to  Muslims for giving them  this great example. We  hope  that this year the  Ramadhan  in our own place will be celebrated in the spirit of  friendship and reconciliation. May the new elected leaders in the Philippines   find ways to reconcile  with all, even with their  enemies, and  start to serve all  with justice and equity,as  they  promised during the  election campaign.

Silsilah reminds   all  of  the “link”  that binds us   as brothers and sisters, members  of the same human family,  created by the same God who loves all. This is  the “Silsilah” (link)  that we  have to  build together. May  the divisions that we  observe in the Muslim communities as well as  among  Christians will not  discourage us to  work hard to  build together  a dialogue that  is sign of God’s presence among us. Les us encourage all   to “emulate  each other in goodness”  as the Holy Qur’an and the  Holy Bible encourage us to do. Let us  recall also  as a special message  of this  month of Ramadhan what the     Holy Qur’an says: “  O men, Behold, we have created you all out of  male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another (not despise one another). Verily, the  noblest of you in the  sight of God is the  one who is most deeply conscious of Him” ( Al-Qur’an 49,13).

May  the month of Ramadhan  become a  special time  for  Muslims  to remember  this message and for the Christians  and people of other  religions of the world to move together in harmony. Cultural and religious differences must  not be  the  reason to  “despise one  another”, but rather   to work together for the common good,   convinced that  “ the noblest of you (us) in the sight of God is the  one who is most deeply conscious of Him”. Thus,  let us not  close the doors  of our  hearts  to  people  who come from different faiths and cultures.  May  we    appreciate what we have in common and  respect  differences, convinced  that we  all have the  same rights and dignity. May  we believe that  God   knows  everything, including our differences and all of us, in a mysterious way, are  loved by God.

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