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City council must formulate crime prevention plan


Getting disgusted with the deteriorating peace and order condition in the city will not solve the problem on criminality
In the city resolution NR 528 passed last week by the legislative body, the chairman of the committee on peace and order has expressed his dissatisfaction and frustration on poor performance of the police under the present OIC police director from preventing shooting incidents where victims are killed like rats even right in the heart of the city either male or female victims.

For more than 10 years the peace and order of Zamboanga City has been erratic and deteriorating and even worsening year after year and month after month.

The city council should come up with a long range comprehensive crime prevention plan to guide the local law enforcers in their day to day anti-crime campaign.

Like the city peace and order council (CPOC) the city legislative body thru its peace and order committee has yet to come up with such a plan which will improve peace and order and public safety.

The  plan should be simple, pratical, economical, realistic, effective and implementable that is attuned to the geographical situation and prevailing peace and order condition in the city.

Due to continuous killing where 2 women engaged in business were killed in a period 10 days several male victims where shot to death in the first 22 days of the new local administration, a  wrong conclusion from some sectors cropped up such as this,” just because we have a lady mayor, criminals continue to disrespect our local officials and local authorities where women are killed just to rob a few thousand person from them?

At present the breakdown of peace and order is worsening that local officials and authorities should come up with an immediate security plan to minimize or stop the killings of innocent civilians with impunity by ruthless criminals.

By Rex G. Miravite

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