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Richest man in the cemetery?


BEFORE DEATH — I read somewhere, I think it was Microsoft Billionaire BILL GATES, who said: “ I do not want to be the richest person in the cemetery! “ Meaning, with all his massive fortunes, he wants to share them before he dies.  A good reminder to all that you can’t possibly bring to the grave all your wealth. It is also a grim reminder that death is the great EQUALIZER. We all die, whether rich or poor. So, share those blessings while you still can. And one need not be as rich as Mr. Gates to do this. If you have more than enough of what you need or want, go ahead and share to those who have less.  Unless you want to be called the “richest man” in the cemetery!

READ AGAIN —I read also one passage from the book of OPUS DEI founder SAINT JOSEMARIA ESCRIVA entitled “ THE WAY —FURROW THE FORGE” where he said: “ if you lose the supernatural meaning of your life, your charity will be philanthropy; your purity, decency; your mortification, stupidity; your discipline, a lash; and all your works, fruitless”. I suggest let’s read the passage again and again until this sinks in.

DAVAO LIQUOR BAN — I was momentarily sad when I learned that an ordinance was passed by the Davao City Council banning the consumption and sale of alcoholic drinks beyond 1 a.m. until 8 in the morning in all establishments or public places. “Killjoy!”

But after my chat with some colleagues during a break in the regular Board of Trustees meeting of the University of Mindanao the other day, we found out that no, it’s not that bad after all. In fact, it’s more fun in Davao that way. And here are a few interesting instances.

At the strike of 1 a.m., all beer mugs and bottles, whisky, wine and champagne glasses WILL SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR and give way to coffee mugs and cups, tea pots and shaded or non-transparent water jugs. Never mind what’s inside!  Case in point: When I was in Congress during the late Speaker Monching Mitra’s time, hard liquor was off limits at the congressmen’s lounge especially during session time. Well, the waiters became more creative and served drinks all in coffee mugs or teacups and from non-see-through decanters. Yes sir, you can drink brandy from a paper cup too! Yuck!

What about policemen who would go on patrol and check on violators? They must themselves test and take quaffs or a drink or two before they can make arrests.  Then they would not pass the alcohol tests themselves after a few stops! Or is this a good excuse to get free drinks while on duty?
A suitor with a prim and proper date who agreed to have dinner with a few drinks only for the night can delay and drag the evening and then can also just suggest innocently to lady love: “It’s 1 a.m. We can’t finish our drinks here at the resto. Let’s get a room and finish our drinks inside.” Cool!
Don’t forget we have non-alcoholic drinks too that taste like champagne or wine. What is inside those bottles need not be examined and tasted each by the police, will they? Unless, again they just want to have a few free drinks on the sides!

And yes, will they arrest priests who drink wine like Mompo? (Or pricey French red wines … who knows) during masses before 8 in the morning
What about the tuba gatherer (“mananggiti”) who had to harvest tuba early dawn and taste the drink as a practice and ritual? Will he postpone his daily task after 8 a.m. too? And the tuba storeowner who wants to make sure and takes a drink to know whether what is being delivered early in the morning is “dawat” (freshly gathered) or “bahal”        (fermented for hours) or “suka” (vinegar)?

henceforth, his place will become the next favorite gimmick area for Davao City residents from dusk to dawn. With the 24-hour ferry service, the city’s swinging crowd can cross over (just 7 minutes away) and swing it there, outside Davao City limits! (You can’t blame our resort manager in the Seagull Mountain Resort, which is just outside Davao City, to feel jubilant, too!)

A party boat like what the Bangayans operate with its partying passengers can just sail or drop anchor at the Davao Gulf area nearer the Samal Island area and party till dawn. Or safely steam across to Samal Island when the police are coming.

Entertainment places are not the only ones to suffer the brunt.  Funeral parlors too. Either drinking visitors go home early or wakes for the discriminating crowd of a dear departed drinker, instead of being in funeral parlors will be in private residences instead — well beyond the coverage of the ordinance.

Wives are jubilant too because dear hubbies will be home early. But they will have to start worrying coz husbands can bring the “barkada” home where even if they drink till kingdom come, the ordinance will not affect them since they are inside a private place — even if the drinking is at the patio or the yard for all the neighbors to see and hear — and of course, suffer!

Then, bars and hotels and drinking spots will have to move earlier their discounted “ happy hour” time to start while office hours are still on. Or parties will have to start before the sun goes down to make up for lost time. C’mon let’s all admit it: drinking is always a highlight in every gathering or partying. Shortening it will surely disrupt the usual timetables.  Of course not to mention the loss of income not only for the establishments that usually stay open late. Remember the lose of income for the waiters, employees, the downstream crowd like taxi and jeep drivers, etc etc.
Tourists will not only raise quizzical eyebrows, they’ll think twice whether it’s worth their while to spend their holidays here.
But there’s a flip side to all this, right?  It’s still fun — and yes, safe— to be in Davao, you bet!

CAGAYAN DE ORO BLAST —. I was attending the National Board Meeting of the Jaycee Senate in Iligan City, about one and a half hour land trip to Cagayan De Oro when CDO’s Deputy Chief of Police COL JHON MICHAEL DELOSO and I got together on the phone for some updating on the Friday night bombing in the heart of the “gimmick area” at LIMKETKAI, a favorite hangout of the residents and their guests. Evidently, the bomb was intentionally to bring death and havoc to the max to the Friday night frolickers. The Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP) Northern Mindanao Chapter was holding its 16th Midyear Convention at the time and some doctor-delegates with some med reps took time out for a fun night, clustering around a performing band when the improvised explosive device “IED” went off. Clearly an act of terrorism! How tragic!

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