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Gov’t. stop helping convicted drug traffickers; Zamboanga City must be the cleanest city, again!


“In Ramadan, the month of fasting you become the guest of God, Do praise him with devotion. God will answer all your prayers in this month. Fasting is the glad tidings of God’s all embracing mercy.

-    (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

“There are many honorable men among Christians in Mindanao and Sulu whose hearts are bleeding for the suffering and destructions in our midst. They also yearn that genuine understanding and peace should reign in this region.”
-    Salah Jubair, BANGSAMORO: A nation UNDER ENDLESS tyranny (Firud ed. March 1984, second ed. 1997)

Ramadan Reflection
In Ramadan, the month of fasting, become the guest of God. Do praise Him with devotion. God will answer all your prayers in this month. Fasting is the glad tidings of God’s all embracing Mercy”

-    (Hadith) holy prophet Muhammad (SAW)
“During the fast one puts on in a sense the dress of death and distances oneself from passions that attach one to the world. It is a time of great discipline and  practice the virtues of patience, and persistence in hardships for the sake of God.
-    Seyyed HussienTHE HEART OF ISLAM: Enduring Values for Humanity (2004)

The idea of Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento (Western Samar), in proposing to the government for a “hands-off policy” on cases involving Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking abroad should be given top consideration both of Malacañang and Congress.

Our government must have a strong and stand against drug related cases we should not appear to the international community that we are condoning the trafficking of drugs by appealing to foreign government to spare the convict from execution or appealing for the commutation of the sentence. While we catch drug pushers and users and yet we appeal to reign government to spare out citizens from the death penalty by the foreign governments.

I agree with Cong. Sarmiento that we spare ourselves from helping these convicted drugs mules no matter what their station in life, might be.

The bill proposing “No Permit, No Exam policy” being tiled by Rep. Terry Ridon of the party-list Grap Kabataan comes at a time when it is more needed. The policy of private educational institutions and even govt’ schools, colleges and universities are following their practice of “No permit, No exam” is obnoxious. Instead of the helping those who have less in life to uplift them from economic want, yes our society puts a barrier to the majority of our people to uplift them through education. Years ago, under the under the administration of Dr. Eldigario D. Gonzales of Western Mindanao State University, upon my recommendation as the Director  of the Public Affairs Office, Dr. Gonzales had put a stop to the practice of instructors and professors of not administering the final examination to students simply because  the students had not paid their accounts. The memo of the President for all faculty to guide the final examination, and the students would pay their back accounts upon enrollment in the succeeding semester.

This is one way of helping, the students in lightening their financial burden while at the same helping them continue the studies with less WORRY AND ANXIETY.

‘The proposal in quite late, but it is a welcome development.
WMSU still leads the way.

The consumer of group intends to file a class suit against the Maynilad Water System for the many “passon” to the consumers of the many expenses which were atrocious and monoral consumer collections. We watch with serious concern. We hope the courts will take side with the consumers.
This can be a precedent for the Zamboanga residents to question the many “passon” too by Zamcelco. There should be scutiny on the pass on to our electric bills. How do we know that they are legal?

While Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar is very serious in ridding our City of criminals by strengthening our police force, equally important is the cleanliness of the City. If we have to hire a battalion  of street cleaners the people don’t mind paying more taxes if only we can see the City is back to its former “glory” as the Cleanest City” in the whole Philippines.

By Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj.

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