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One “Beautiful Moment” in this Holy Month of Ramadan – Muslims and Christians in brotherhood and solidarity, celebrated Iftar 2013


“You will find that the closest to the (Muslims) faithful are those who say “We are Christians”. This is because among them are those who renounce worldliness, and are not arrogant”.
- Holy Qur’an 5:82

“Islam is a mansion of many diverse forms.”
- Milton Viorst, IN THE SHADOW OF THE PROPHET (2001)

“They (the Muslims) have, like you, the faith of Abraham in the One, ALMIGHTY, and MERCIFUL GOD
- Pope John Paul II, to the Catholic Community in Ankara, Turkey (Nov. 29, 1979)

A few days after the Oath-taking of Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, the citizenry, the good people of Zamboanga found themselves in a visible police force of the people. Many expressed elation, but fear into the hearts of those who wanted to flaunt with our laws, especially, the criminals. Observers noted, with satisfaction, the visible presence of the police, for a while. Well noted, in the sense, we saw the blinkers of police cars, cruising the busy thoroughfares of the city, in some intersection, in some dark alleys of the city, the police blinkers were seen, a sigh of relief and satisfaction from the good people of Zamboanga City.

What message did the blinkers send to the criminals?:

a. The police were telling, we are around.

b. The police warned (the criminals), you cannot do what you have been doing.

c. The police were telling, we are ready at all times! That’s the message of the police blinkers.

But alas! The police blinkers are no longer seen in the spot where we noted with satisfaction and elation. Can anyone from the police hierarchy tell us why those police visibility were withdrawn? What message are you sending? Do we need to ask our lady Mayor to have that police strategy restored? We do not like to meddle in the policy of the force, but if need be, we will do it, if only to ensure the safety of our good citizen.

Paging my former student, Hon. Elong Natividad, who is the Chairman on the COMMITTEE ON PEACE AND ORDER to have that policy strategy restored. I leave this to you.

Ramadan Reflection

As our TOPIC HEADLINE was written as: One “beautiful moment” in this Holy Month of Ramadan. Muslims and Christians, In Brotherhood and Solidarity, Celebrated Iftar (the sunset breaking of the Ramadan fast) in Barangay Recodo. The people of Recodo headed by the Barangay Captain Hon. Boy S. Aminulla, opened Recodo’s hospitality to the many guests present and welcome us with a warm welcome opening remarks last Saturday, July 20, 2013. Commissioner Nurkarl T. Allian, graced the occasion with his Ramadan message of Peace, Reconciliation and Brotherhood. Commissioner Allian is with the Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF ). City Officials came in full force headed by Vice-Mayor Cesar Iturralde, representing Mayor Beng Climaco, Councilors Myra Paz V. Abubakar, Luis R. Biel, Hon. Josephine Pareja, Police Supt. Ramon Ochotorena of the Regional Police Office, Prof. Mohatha Arakama, DILG, from the Republic of Iran, Hudjakal Islam Sheik Mahmud Ajadi, Professor of Alabasfata International College, Mashad, Iran, Imam Asamad Gaddung, gave the Opening Prayer, Imam Kiram Hamja, offered the “Dua’a of the Iftar”. Solidarity messages of Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar (rep. by Vice-Mayor Iturralde), Atty. Paulino R. Ersando of the Evangelical Convener, Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF, Convener, Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, Ed.D. introduced the guest speaker and Atty. Jamal A. Mohammad, of the Ahlul Bayt Philippines Islamic Assembly gave the closing dua’a. Yours truly gave a little insight of the SIGNIFICANCE OF RAMADAN AND THE MEANING OF IFTAR.

The evening of IFTAR sponsored by the INTERRELIGIOUS SOLIDARITY for PEACE, was indeed a Blessed Evening, this Holy Month of Ramadan.

We thank also the assistance of the Principal of the Recodo National High School Dr. Dominic Bais and the students for their assistance.

The emcee of the evening Mr. Hassan S. Kaniya was indeed a superb personality who kept the crowd to their seats despite the interruption of the blackout. The blackout was uncalled for.

To Sr. Emma Delgado and the ISP Staff, you did your best, despite the horrible rain and strong wind! The people of Recodo, thank you for your hospitality!

Ramadan Kareem to one and all!

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