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RP disaster funds going to waste


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… I told you these things long ago; before they happened I announced them to you so that you could not say, ‘My images brought them about; my wooden image and metal god ordained them’…” (Isaiah 48:5, the Holy Bible).

DO WE HAVE A DISASTER PROGRAM? Pardon my asking, but, why have we not been seeing any beneficial effects from the much-vaunted, and heavily-publicized, disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs of the government, even if many parts of our country, Metro Manila included, have been experiencing flooding and virtual chaos even if they are being hit only with brief rain showers and thunderstorms?

In Metro Manila and in many parts of  Mindanao last Saturday, August 03, 2013, life literally came to a halt once more for many Filipinos after rains and flashfloods occasioned by an incoming low pressure area spotted off Surigao drenched those places. If we already have these so-called programs under the Department of National Defense, why do we keep on suffering greatly from these natural calamities?

The reason, with due respect, is clear: the disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs of the government continue to hew along useless theories and concepts of responding to rains, floods and strong winds. Why do I say this? Simply because, there is nothing in those programs that take into account the Biblical dimension of rains, floods and strong winds.

RP DISASTER FUNDS GOING TO WASTE: This lack of Biblical or spiritual component in the country’s disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs is certainly making those programs inutile, useless, and lacking in any substantial benefit to our countrymen who bear the brunt of natural calamities which are now being experienced by all of us more ferociously.

All we need to do, to validate this point, is to look around us to appreciate the fact that whenever rains, floods and strong winds come, death and destruction inevitably follow in their wake. In fact, death and destruction are becoming the rule, rather than the exception, when natural calamities strike.  All these prove one of two things: either we really do not have any disaster or risk programs, or, if we do have, the programs are actually nothing.

Which brings us to a troubling yet important point: it would appear therefore that the millions of government funds spent for any disaster or risk programs are simply going to waste, because they are not helping our people in any way. It maybe time now to re-channel those funds to more important uses, or to ensure that they could really help our people in times of disasters brought about by natural calamities.

LACK OF SPIRITUAL COMPONENT HAMPERS DISASTER PROGRAM: Any real risk reduction or disaster preparedness program, or one that could really spell out the difference in helping our people cope up with deadly and destructive rains, floods and strong winds, should take into account the Biblical or spiritual dimension of these natural phenomena. We have been repeatedly writing about this for quite some time now, even if some government functionaries do not appear interested at all.

But, this Biblical basis could not be denied, as the Bible is explicit and clear about it. In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, talked about the coming rains, floods and strong winds. He said the rains, floods and strong winds will come, and people will either survive them and come out unscathed, or be victimized and be killed.

Many claimed that Jesus Christ was only talking in metaphors when He talked about the rains, floods and strong winds in that Biblical verse, but I am of the belief that He was in fact talking about them in their real and physical sense, warning that they are really going to come. Otherwise, how can we explain that those rains, floods and strong winds are now hitting us like mad nowadays?

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