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Re-visiting Villa Medica Bangkok


BANGKOK — I am writing this while inside Room 1621 of     ARNOMA HOTEL. My room mate BOBET CASTILLO, admin/finance whiz man of the University of Mindanao and MINDANAO TIMES is fast asleep, somehow disappointed after having failed to get a Thai massage from a fully-booked spa across the street. We are actually part of a 12-person team that is enjoying an all-expense paid for 3-day holiday in the Thai capital courtesy of TIMES “Boss” WILLIE TORRES. Why the trip? Well, it has to do with   some sales targets being met something   EDITOR AMY BANDIOLA and I (as Publisher) are not too privy about or aware. Aside from putting out the daily newspaper, taking on trips like this is what we are always interested in! Meaning, we’d like to have this trip regularly, never mind how the business goes. (Hahaha!)

Day 2 was the day to visit the HOLISTIC MEDICAL CENTRE along Asoke Road. Bangkok, by the way, is a regional base of VILLA MEDICA (VM) of Germany which provides the now world- famous and pioneering ‘regenerative” FRESH STEM CELL THERAPY (FCT) that draws world leaders, celebrities and ordinary mortals (who can afford) who want to experience “regeneration”.

Our day’s host was VM CEO BOBBY CHIA, a Thai entrepreneur who four years ago acquired controlling interest of the 35-year old German medical facility located in EDENKOBEN, just outside of Frankfurt. He hosted lunch and introduced us to the pioneering world of health and wellness by bringing us to the centre. It was actually a re-visit for me, having been there in September, 2012 with my wife BETH when we were still researching and doing due diligence then in preparation for her FCT for her ailing kidneys in the VM clinic in Germany (which was in fact done in November that year).

Also, I was “escorting” our daughter LIZA KRISTEL for her orientation and briefings   being a new business partner and representative of VM to handle FCT clients in the country.  She joined Ms. SUZETTE LOPEZ and MS. ROSEMARIE FERNANDEZ who just recently joined as top executives of VM Philippines.

Let’s all just wait for EDITOR AMY’s report about the trip and the VM facilities. I understand she was fascinated by the wonders of FCT and its regenerative effect. (Going to Germany too, Ms. Amy? No sweat, KRISTEL will arrange.)

TOURISM BOOM — The sidewalks and malls in downtown BANGKOK are all teeming with tourists. Although traffic is still bad in most city streets, Bangkok is cashing in on tourism. There’s a lot of catching up we Filipinos have to do to be at par with Thailand, although ironically,   Fiipinos’ facility in English is supposed to be an added advantage. But we are still lagging behind.

Their night markets   are tops. Yes, their clubs and bars and fun areas remain open until wee hours of the morning. (Sorry but they won’t enjoy the recently-imposed  1 a.m. liqour ban in Davao City for sure.)                                       

CHALLENGING CHINA? — I read somewhere while abroad about some sectors  clearly swooning and bragging about the arrival of a new Philippine Navy vessel    “to deal with China”. Wow, let’s hold it folks. While we should jubilantly welcome another addition to our AFP capabilities, please let’s not frame those developments as if we  can already  challenge or  confront other big countries  who threaten our shores. Warmongering leads us nowhere!

By Jess G. Dureza

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