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Don’t blame helmet law on criminality


Helmet Law is covered by the act congress or of republic act which is a national law has a very significant purpose and that is to protect the head of the motorcycle riders from getting injured with the use of a full-faced helmet in case of road accident.

For the failure of local officials and local law enforcers in controlling crimes with the use of firearms. They blame the helmet law even to the extent of accusing the LTO as an alleged ally of criminals.

In fairness to the LTO the use of full-faced helmet is a mandatory requirement of the national law and not the making of the LTO.

If some criminals are wearing the full-faced helmet they are just complying with the law and if they commit crimes the LTO has nothing to do with it.

But in most cases gun for hire suspects do not use anything on their heads and at times they just walked casually after shooting somebody.

The attempt of the city council in several instances to pass an ordinance prohibiting the use of a full-faced helmet within the 7 or 10-km radius of Zamboanga City is tantamount to ignorance of the law in a higher degree because local legislators cannot amend the act of congress.

On several occasions the city council of Zamboanga attempted to pass an ordinance or in fact has passed council resolutions that are not in consonance with existing laws.

Pending before the city council for consideration in several readings is the proposed ordinance on “OPLAN VISA” an additional requirement for motorcycle riders and the proposed additional plate in front of the motorcycle instead of only one at the back which is a national mandatory requirement of the law.

The two proposals have good intentions. Granting that the fifty thousand motorcycle owners in Zamboanga can comply with the 2 proposals which is next to impossible, how about motorcycle owners who are just visiting the city, are they going to be apprehended without fear or favour when they have a registration and a plate at the back of their motorcycle with full-faced helmet which are all in compliance to the requirements of the National Law?

With all due respect the following are some of the recommended criteria test before passing an ordinance or resolution:

1. Is it practical?

2. Is it economical?

3. Is it realistic?

4. Is it implementable?

5. Is it consistent with existing national laws and related rules and regulations?

So let us not blame the helmet law if we cannot effectively enforce the firearms law.

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