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Why organize a taxpayers association?


I believe, it is irrefutable to assert that we taxpayers constitute the fiscal cornerstone, primary pillar, and lifeblood of our government. Our collective fiscal wealth is virtually the fuel, the air, the water, and the bread and butter that constantly sustain the entire governmental machinery.  

Yet, to a far reaching extent, it is utterly ironic and even very sad to state the undeniable reality that despite the indispensability and essentiality of the taxpayers in sustaining the existence and operations of our political system, in many dismaying instances, we are treated unjustly and regarded merely as beasts of burden, milking cows, food baskets, or nothing more than the goose that lays the golden egg for the people in government. Right now, we are practically voiceless and powerless. What a paradox, we who are the true source of all governmental powers in this country, are powerless and helpless.  We are not even officially as a sector involved, represented, or consulted in matters of budgeting, appropriating, spending, accounting, and auditing of our own collective fiscal wealth. 

We, taxpayers are the real employers of all government personnel and political officials of this country. We are the only sector in society that possesses the  inherent power and potential capacity to paralyze and put to an instant stop the operations of our political system if we decide collectively and solidly  as our last recourse, to cleanse a generally graft and corruption ridden government. Of course, it is not part of our declared mission to resort to such apocalyptic option unless the general tax situation in this country becomes irreversibly and tyrannically unbearable.

Collectively, we taxpayers possess what I term as fiscal sovereignty which is the mother and mainspring of all other forms of sovereignty in this country.

In the context of our tax-based and dependent political power structure, we are the Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end of our government. However, fellow taxpayers, all these assumptions will only become operational if we are formally and solidly organized. Hence, we are organizing the Zamboanga City Taxpayers Association.

By Clem M. Bascar

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