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After the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims and Christians reflect on what’s ahead for the City; Zamboanga City is lucky to have two hard-working Representatives


“God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts”.
- Holy Qur’an 13:11

“If the people cannot adapt themselves to the methods, then the methods must be adapted to the people. This is the whole crux of the matter.”

In other provinces and even some cities, this early their political leaders are thinking on how much they can recover from the last election expenses, how many guns and other weapons they can collect to add to their arsenal of weapons to kill people, thinking already where to build the next mansion, how many men and women they can recruit for their private army, and worse, preparing for the 2016 election!

But my friends, we Zamboangueños are a few lucky part of creation of God that we are endowed with true and hard-working Representatives to Congress who are not thinking of what they will do as I mentioned on the foregoing paragraph, but our Congressman from District I, had revealed to us in the CITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (this writer is a member) as co-Chair of the powerful APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE of the House, he has lined up the energizations of some sitios and barangays, particularly, the remote island-barangays in his District I, and even this include those of District 2 barangays and sitios. In the coming months, Cong. Lobregat assured us that this will be coming very soon, also the completion of some roads from the west coast to the east coast areas.

Complementing the District I Congressman project, Hon. Lilia Nuño of District 2 disclosed to the media the modernization of the ZAMBOANGA CITY MEDICAL CENTER, this will include the bed capacity from 250 to 500, the construction of another building of Ward 9 and the acquisition of modern equipment.

This physical improvement and additional facilities according to Honorable Lilia Nuño are not only for the people of Zamboanga City, but serving the constituents of Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, Sibugay and others. Zamboanga City hende man kuripot, pero para tambien del otro. But I have yet to hear and see if other places can also offer to us Zamboangueños, particularly on the matter of peace and order, because more often as recorded by police agencies, the criminals disturbing our peace and security are not from our city but from such places as Zamboanga del Sur and Norte, Sulu, Basilan, they do their criminal activities in this city with impunity.

And we, Zamboangueños look like helpless kittens! God save us from these people.


Inspired and encouraged by my readers when I included in BOTTOMLINE the RAMADAN REFLECTION last month, and believe it or not, this positive comments come from the Christians, not from the Muslims (unfortunately!). Hence, for purposes of our Solidarity as Zamboangueños, in BOTTOMLINE from time to time reflection on issues of interfaith, intrafaith, and other matters of great interest to our readers will be featured, I shall be quoting authorities on such relevant statements, and we as ZAMBOANGUEÑOS REFLECT as to WHAT WE CAN DO, WHAT WE SHOULD NOT DO, WHAT WE ARE ABLE TO DO and WHAT WE SHALL DO for the peace, security, solidarity and the progress of our people and city. This REFLECTION will be included in the next issue of BOTTOMLINE.

Last August 8, during the CITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL MEETING at CENTRO LATINO, PASEO DEL MAR, I suggested as complementing Atty. Arsenio Gonzales’ suggestions and motion to revisit the City’s DEVELOPMENT PLAN proposed years ago, to also revisit ORDINANCE 109 enacted in April 1990. Some provisions of the ORDINANCE need revision or amendments to keep pace with the changing times.

My proposal was well taken by the Mayor and the members of the City Council. We will see in the coming months some development on this matter.

ERRATUM… I beg the indulgence of my readers, in some issues of BOTTOMLINE we noted with shock that errors in sentences, spelling, or even syntax because of the penmanship of this writer. My encoder could sometimes not decipher my “hieroglyphic” characters of my writing. Only this writer and Lucifer can read spontaneously my writing. Why do I have an encoder? Because this writer is the most illiterate among the columnists in the city when it comes to the use of the computer, laptop, and other electronics!
God, help us na lang!

In the issue of July 22, 2013, as they the City Officials should have been written this way …” as THEY (the City Officials)… on the issue of July 13, 2013, basilan which is a proper noun should be written as BASILAN. In the issue of BOTTOMLINE last July 6, 2013, my apology to Fr. Calvo, my encoder wrote his name in this manner Fr. ANGHEL Calvo, it shoud have been written correctly as FR. ANGEL CALVO.

In the issue of June 23, 2013, BOTTOMLINE, the sentence was written this way…”this writer was THAN the Director of Public Affairs… should have been written as …”this writer was THEN the Director of Public Affairs…”.

In this LITANY OF ERRORS, this columnist must be made to munch fifty pieces of red pepper (labuyo) as punishment and atonement for the many confusions he has given his loyal readers of BOTTOMLINE.
Mea Culpa. Perdona me.

By Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj.

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