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Protection of life and property has no alternative


Crime prevention is non-negotiable and it takes precedence over all other law enforcement functions.

Law-abiding citizens must feel safe when they see peace officers and must not be afraid of their presence.

Protection of life and property of the people has no alternative.

Crime prevention and crime solution must not have of the same level of importance and priority.

Crime solution must have the lowest priority over the protection of life and property of the people.

The effectiveness of a law enforcement unit is not measured on the number of crimes they have solved but on how effective the measures they have applied to prevent commission of crimes.

Crime prevention concept is simple, practical, economical, realistic, and implementable that is attuned to the prevailing situation coupled with sincerity, dedication, commitment, and consistency of peace officers equals the effective protection of the life and property of the people.

The best law enforcement unit is one that has the lowest crime solution efficiency because it has also the lowest crime incidents.

By Rex Miravite

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