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Fiscal coup still an LPA


The pacific fiscal coup that I coined and operationally defined and conceptually explained in my previous article admittedly, at this stage, is just a potential and theoretical phenomenon. If the triggering or compelling circumstances and dynamics will not take physical and overt attributes, the lustful and insatiable grafters and corrupters of taxpayers’ fiscal resources in public bureaucracies have nothing to worry about. They can continue buying luxury cars, build mansions, travel around the world, and live as profligately and extravagantly as they want.  They can continue to use the taxpayers’ monies to construct giant billboards , print tarpaulin streamers and posters with their larger-than –life- images, collude with constructors, suppliers for  kickbacks, and conspire with state auditors, budget officers, and accountants  to get commissions and “pabaons” in outrageous amounts. They can go on with their nefarious activities of using pork barrel funds to undertake substandard and ghost projects THE NAPOLES’ STYLE, purchase equipment and facilities that are not necessary and beneficial to the greatest majority of the citizenry just to line their pockets. They can continue not to pay attention to the criticisms of some journalists for they are just negligible and can easily be eliminated by employing hired guns. These unscrupulous public servants can even use part of the taxes to assassinate or liquidate all those who attempt to stand in their way. For as long as the majority of the critics can be bribed, thieves in public offices can just ignore the few who are like babies crying for attention. What is the purpose of those bulldozers and backhoes in the motor pools if they are not used to dig mass graves for these inconsequential individuals? Just continue plundering the taxpayers wealth any way the FISCAL COUP that I am talking about is still likened to a “LOW PRESSURE ARE.” Nothing to worry about for now for it may not land fall at all.


While the taxpayers are still tolerant and unorganized, they have no audible voice or potent force to brag about.  So the plutocrats in public offices can go on ignoring and disregarding their existence, usefulness, and essentiality in the operations of government. Anyway, there is the full force of the law to imprison and fine them if they do not pay their taxes on time. The taxpaying public has no other role in the affairs of government except to act as “milking cow.” Yes milking cow with no eyes, no ears, and no tongues. All that the taxpayers have to do is produce the fiscal fuel to run the machinery of government. After payment the taxpayers have no more business or right to inquire how, where, and for what purpose the public funds are utilized. What a demeaning misfortune it is for a taxpayer to live in a government where he is prohibited to know how and where his money is utilized.  The Chief Executive through his “rubber stamp” legislature can pass ordinances to impose higher and confiscatory taxes under the pretext of giving better services to the public. Never mind if the roads, bridges, and other public structures they construct are substandard and defective as long as they get their “tongpats.” Never mind if the equipment, vehicles, supplies and materials purchased out of taxpayers’ money  are overpriced, not delivered, or of the lowest brand as long as the “kickbacks” are intact.  

It’s true that this Fiscal Coup, I am talking about has not yet occurred anywhere in the world under any kind of ideology, under any form of power hierarchy and under any type of public administration. But I have this convincing feeling that if the taxpayers will fully realize that the real sovereignty of this republic resides collectively in them that point in time when they will reach a consensus of withdrawing total fiscal support to a generally corrupt government, will really come. And when this non-violent revolt unfolds, it’s going to be insurmountable and irrepressible. All that the taxpayers will do to launch this pacific fiscal coup is just stay in their respective residencies as a solidly organized social entity and suspend altogether, the payment of their taxes until the government is totally cleansed of highwaymen and raiders of the nation’s fiscal wealth. When this happens, no law enforcement officer or authority will dare arrest any taxpayer because it will be like “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.” Besides, they too, will be part of this calm but generally paralyzing fiscal insurrection right in the comfort of their respective homes. When the very source of life and sovereignty of the state (the taxpayers} launches this pacific fiscal coup, nobody gets in between.

Right now the FISCAL COUP that I am talking about is just a Low Pressure Area (LPA) in the Philippine.  It may develop into a typhoon depending upon the gravity and extent of graft and corruption in the three branches of government.  I hope it not enter the Philippine  Area of Political Jurisdiction (PAPJ).

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