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ZC now in virtual chaos!





A 17-year old girl was reportedly raped inside their temporary shelter at the  crammed evacuation site set up inside the large Mayor Joaquin F. Enriquez Jr. memorial sports complex, Brgy. Baliwasan, this Saturday morning(Sept. 21).

The minor was supposedly molested by a 20-year old youngster, believed to be her own cousin. The incident happened while her parents had gone away, according to one social worker.

The girl immediately reported to her parents as what happened to her, when they returned to their tent, the source added.

“He was already taken in by the authorities for questioning, and he was already subjected to an inquest by our city prosecutor’s office,” according to the same source.

THE source said the victim was found positive with lacerations on her private part, when examined by a physician.

WITH hundreds of thousands of evacuees being temporarily sheltered thereat, this reported rape case of an innocent minor could only be a tip of the iceberg.
Ampara yalang!


WE grieve that our city, once regaled as City of Flowers and now as Asia’s Latin City( “Poreso’ yaman buwisitann kta ste Jun!” c Bogs ya tamen ya critika) is virtually in chaos, right now.

“El mga parking areas dol hinde’ ya amo. Donde, donde lang aura taman parada sila. Bien trambulicao gayot! El mga huge container vans taki ya ta entra right along the major thoroughfares of the city proper—meaning cruising right along the busiest commercial section of the city-- that’s Climaco Ave. or Guardia National. Bien dilicao si ay tene accidente,” ya nota c  Ñor Teban de San Roque.

“Nuay mas law and order kta ki. Completely in chaos, virtually in anarchy ya aki canaton, Jun,” bien discourage gayot c Julius.

“Bien disgustao gayot yo Jun cunel diaton mga lideres Ki, dol nuay gayot sila solution ya dale asta este mga tiempo cunel ila mismo constituente. And to think of it, because of their incompetence and devoid of any semblance of a leader with a strong political will, they had to seek the help of our national leaders as a last ditch effort on their part, cay nusabe mas cosa sila ace. Ay santisimaa!! Bien sayang gayot mio boto para canila, Sir Jun. Next elections, hinde’ ya sila puede man bolatik canaton, Bida paa!!,” ya hura’ c  Bogs.

THIS continued crisis appears to have gone out of control, as supposed spillovers were reported in Brgy. Labuan when a passenger bus belonging to the Biel Transport co., was bombed late Friday afternoon(Sept. 20)-- resulting to three dead.

Bomb authorities discovered that the bomb( believed of IED) was planted inside the bus that came from the city proper, and it went off shortly after all its passengers disembarked from its own bus terminal in the said village- some 35 kilometers west of the city’s downtown section.

THE following morning (Sept. 21), a strong blast believed coming from a mortar shelling , hit a 3-storey residential house in Brgy. Tetuan-- resulting to one casualty.

STRAY bullets are being felt as well( even claimed a number of victims) in the neighborhoods of these adjoining strife-torn villages of Lustre, Sta. Barbara, Sta. Catalina, Kasanyangan and Rio Hondo, whose proximities are simply within reach of city’s the downtown section.

“DOL akel nuay mas seguridad mga bibientes na ese mga lugar y mga vicinidad sercano lli donde ta sigi pa siempre ila bakakan.. Mama miaa!!” un mareng(gay) taman haya’ ya.

“Cosa ya ba gayot ta pasa canaton ki sir Jun?” c Edcel de Sta.Maria ya ace tamen su observacion.

“Asta cuando man este pencing puede sila otrabes normalisa diaton pueblo?.. cay bien traumatize ya gayot kta todo ki,” c Bogs bien malingasa ya c ta combersa.

Relax lang kta, nuay cosa kta puede ace, sino resa.. because when you talk to God, that’s prayer—hence don’t stop talking to God, until He hears us all—meaning our prayers, be you Muslim or Christian, cay un Dios lang kita tiene.. different names or titles lang taman address kta cunele…

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