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War brings me fearful thoughts


First & Foremost the (WORD):

“POVERTY  is a curse, not a virtue. The Father( or Lord) wants us to prosper-- be in the Physical, Material, Financial, and most of all, in the Spiritual.”

TODAY is the 18th day of the ZC crisis, and it appears there’s yet no end to it-- unless the Crisis Management Committee (CMC) under our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar will press the green-light to finally end its countdown towards complete normalcy in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

ONE of the best indicators towards returning to back normalcy will be the lifting of the curfew hours.

Nonetheless, it looks like curfew hrs.(from 8pm to 5am the following day)  are here yet to stay for long-- until CMC sees everything is now perfectly in place.

Obviously, our usual “wet” public market place has been temporarily transferred to the junction of Magay, Calixto and Tomas Claudio Sts., right in our downtown section. And its anarchy is more evident these days, as a result of the continued crisis.

You’ll find them all… I mean all types of illegal vendors( most of them the so-called ambulant vendors) now reigning in all the city’s nook & corner-- selling all types of ‘wares’.
“Baka, incluhido ya lli pencing, shabu!” c Bogs ya alarma ya tamen canaton ste..

“Makabuyung gayot pencing. Dol nuay ma ki orden canaton. Donde, donde yalang man stos. Asta donde pa aton suerte ki na aton mismo ciudad,” c Bogs ya umenta pa.
Teporariyo lang se Bogs.

The best we have to do now is to continue having more patience, more endurance, more perseverance and most of all trust all the times in the Lord Almighty.
IT’s He, after all, orchestrating our lives in this world.    

ANOTHER army junior officer-- a PMA graduate(Class 2007), perished in the ensuing gun-battle between our pursuing gov’t troops and the supposed retreating remnants of the Misuari- MNLF breakaway faction, believed still hanging on in their remaining lairs somewhere in those most-affected sitios or villages in the nearby east-coastal areas of ZC.

His name is 1ST Lt. Francis Damian of the 3rd Light Reaction Co.-- amongst the special gov’t forces fighting the MNLF invaders.

Earlier, two young junior officers( all PMAyers) from our troops met the same fate.

TALKING OF young soldiers fighting all enemies of the state in our country, what flashes in my mind are my own two brothers serving the armed forces of the Philippines(AFP)—the eldest. Marine Maj.(Engr.) Rosauro O Feliciano(ECE) and  Navy Lt. Ruben O. Feliciano(frogman).

I feel pretty at ease, because both are now retirees-- meaning the two already retired from serving the AFP at present.

Engr. Rosauro still works in Kuwait while Ruben( 2nd to the youngest of 6 siblings in the family) makes Davao as his permanent residence.  Ruben is a successful biz-man in there.

BUT, worries yet linger on in my mind, cay el quien ta anda na quera siempre mga soldao aton, and one remaining dear member in the family carries on the torch as our fighting soldiers in the field.
HE’s 1st Lt. Mario M.  Feliciano IV, a West Pointer who graduated in 2008. He’s a product of the PMA having enlisted in 2004( if my memory serves me right).

Feliciano IV is my nephew, being the son of my brother Rosauro and his Iranian wife Nahid Moktarian.

THIS young man is dying to see  action again in Mindanao.
He was already deployed in Central Mindanao right after his four-yr. stint in WEST POINT New York, USA.
He came back to ZC a year after to help conduct a PMA exam for all prospects for the said military academy sometime in 2009.

Then, what I learned,  he was recalled by his top brass in the AFP to be with the planning unit stationed in their PMA Headquarters in Baguio.

Later, what I gathered he was unhappy being just there as a planner-- opting to be assigned ratherin the field, particularly in Mindanao.

ONLY last year, the whole family here (including yours truly) attended his surprise wedding in Metro Manila-- marrying his girlfriend (working as a model) following a supposed whirlwind courtship.

“MARIO, don’t ever fight your enemies just by standing, because you’re going to be an easy target for them,” once I cautiously advised him when he was here on a short visit.
“Why uncle?” he surprisingly asked.

“Because of your height,” I said.

“No, uncle, it’s not a problem,” he slowly answered me back, as if to assure me he’d be alright whether in times of war or in peace.
MARIO IV(my namesake) measures 6’4” in height-- extremely too tall for us Filipinos.

What I learned very recently, Mario IV is working for another scholarship in the AFP while biding his time, itching to return of ZC, the birthplace of his dad Rosauro.

Gracias cay at-least he’s in safe ground, cay akel bata’ kel quiere quiere gayot anda na gerra, like his dad, uncle (Ruben) who all have followed the footsteps of our late patriarch (Lt.) Mario Jalon Francisco Feliciano Sr. who saw action in World War II fighting the Japanese invaders in the l940’s as a USAFEE soldier.

How about me, c Pencing? I did try, one time, to be a soldier, preferring to serve in the marines, but all the whole family was against such decision. And, you know why?

Kay bigig dao yo..

Ese Pah!

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