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Call for ‘localized’ police system snowballs



I SAW ANC’s night interview with our own lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar on Thursday(Oct. 3) in ABS/CBN mother station, Metro Manila, and I felt some pride in her, there well answering all those questions hurled on her by their two best anchors Carmina Constantino and Tony Velasquez.

OUR Mayor Beng looked very well relaxed sitting there with her signature smile, many at City Hall have yet to emulate to remove its stigma obviously inherited from its past leader/s’ so-called political arrogance termed by local opposition’s mayoral timber Dist. 2 Councilor Rommel S. Agan.

Agan, when interviewed by this corner shortly after our new set of elective local officials took their own oaths of office last July, scoffed its past reign under then Mayor Celso Lobregat, now Dist. 1 Congressman—branding as reeked in supposed political arrogance. 

BENG splendidly did well, being there as the true voice of the Zamboangueños— except for a few, I do surmise, wouldn’t totally agree with her.
But, as we always say, “We cannot please everybody, as there’ll always be critics around us.”

HER staunch and unwavering posture to help seek immediate justice for her own suffering constituents in the unarguably  bloodiest  21-day crisis reeling in real time right in our midst, elicits praises and other good words for her from all corners of the country.
SUCH overwhelming laudable reactions from the whole nation showered on her, even tickled at-least one or even more viewers of same perception to nominate her as their presidential bet in future polls.
THAT’s pretty huge compliment for her.

TO sum it up for her, our lady mayor in just three months time in office, has gained tremendous backing, politically.
HOWEVER, to some, it’s ironically for her as well, for the simple reason, that in the initial salvo, Beng wasn’t as savvy and as gratifying to the many in the early going of the standoff, as  in her late push, when she openly and boldly declared that justice be served for her own so traumatized and petrified people caused by these MNLF-Misuari attackers no matter what, for violently and brazenly trying to snatch our peaceful city there is from us through their dastardly and barbaric forceful means.

AS if to tell all her adversaries loud and clear, that no way can any Tom, Dick and Harry from out of nowhere steal or rob our city just like that.
HER voice, though soft and more lullaby-sounding, resonates strong with a stern message obviously aimed at all those out to bring similar evils in this traditionally quite and tranquil city of Zamboanga: “We’ll not allow any repeat of this anymore in the future.”

LET’s all cheer up from hereon, and never allow any of our foes to just step on us that easy in a bid to trample our rights and our freedom in our own turf. 
THAT’s too much to bear.

NUR Misuari’s house in Brgy. San Roque, was supposedly searched extensively by our PNP law enforcers, armed with a search warrant issued by the court early Friday morning( Oct. 4).   
HAD they found any proof that’ll eventually link Misuari, believed behind the MNLF group of infiltrators that wreaked havoc in the 21-day bloody onslaught in mi ciudad de Zamboanga that triggered last Sept.9?

THE PNP in here that did the search, simply issued its statement to the press as having collated several items, but they have yet to categorically come up with their clear-cut findings that indeed in Misuari’s huge residential house in that place, there were rebellious or seditious evidences uncovered.

THE PNP’s supposed media friendly attitude was surprisingly displayed in the search since ‘sacked’ Zamboanga City Police Officer-In-Charge(OIC) S/Supt. Chiquito Malayo’s departure effective Oct.2— ironically his supposed birthday.
BUT, this isn’t just enough through their such treatment to the media covering the crisis since day one nonstop.
IF truly they’re that transparent, they shouldn’t act such approach half-baked. They better be truly transparent sans jeopardizing their security concerns to the public.

THERE are many sectors in here, are calling for the restoration of the ‘localized’ police system in the country. This way, they said, the local government unit(LGU) like ours in the city of Zamboanga, can effectively utilize our peace-keeping police forces in our community. IN short, they say, change, alter or amend the PNP law that came into birth in l991, when the then integrated Philippine Constabulary(PC) and the Integrated National Police(INP) was abolished for good.

PRIOR to such outfit in national scope, our police system in the pre-martial law days, was locally-administered as it fell under the control and supervision of the local executives. AND, during those days, as I witnessed it myself while a budding journalist then, the police image was highly looked up to, well esteemed and well respected by the whole community.
IT’s police officers when tending to their security tasks, were in always alert and snappy stance and posture in public, just the complete opposite to our supposed present cream of the cops that we see right now deployed inferiorly and even lousily in our basically security-conscious sections of this continuously tense and restive city of ours when we seem in insecure and unsafe situation— what with our locality always and ever marred with a series of incessant and unabated gun-related incidents every now and then. 
WHAT do you think?

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