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Imported products in supermarkets & malls


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them… women rule over them’…” (Isaiah 3:4 and 12, the Holy Bible).

IMPORTED PRODUCTS IN SUPERMARKETS, MALLS: Can someone explain why, in the big supermarkets and malls around the country today, Filipinos are being sold imported vegetables, imported spices, imported coffee, imported milk, imported rice, and other imported goods which Filipino farmers are still producing and which Filipino-produced goods should be the ones being bought by their fellow Filipinos?

Who brought in these imported goods to the supermarkets and malls? Are these imported goods fit for consumption? Are they not competing with Filipino-produced goods and, since these imported goods are the ones being pushed in these supermarkets and malls, are they not killing Filipino farming or agricultural production? Are they not killing the Philippine economy as a whole?

OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, BIGGEST BENEFICIARY OF PORK: From blogger Tonyo Cruz, at (Philippine news, media, politics, technology) comes an article entitled “Hijackers of the anti-pork movement”. Since Cruz is asking readers to share what he wrote in social networking sites, I am taking the liberty of sharing a portion of that article here. Read on:

“President BS (Benigno Simeon) Aquino perpetuated and continued the pork barrel system when he assumed office. The Office of the President has been found to be the single biggest beneficiary of this system, with more than a trillion pesos in discretionary, lump sum appropriations.

“Recently, they have been found and forced to admit that the Aquino presidency established a DAP (Development Acceleration Program), without authority from Congress as explicitly mandated by the Constitution. President Aquino also tried to ride the wave of public anger by declaring, days before the first Million People March, that he is allegedly working to abolish the PDAF.

PORK ISSUE MEANT TO HIT OPPOSITIONISTS ONLY: “We would only found out later that he only changed the name, modified the process and made the Office of the President even more powerful. President Aquino has key starring role to play in this issue. He is the Chief Executive who oversees the Department of Justice, prosecutors and other investigators. He could have removed the pork barrel from the budgets, but he didn’t.
“He could have ordered no stone unturned in the investigation into the Napoles scam, but it seems the marching orders he gave to investigators was to limit the damage to oppositionist senators, implying that the rest of the Liberal Party-infested Congress and Senate are like him, walang bahid. Of course, that’s a whole load of crap which we citizens reject.

PNOY PART OF PORK PROBLEM: “And then, there’s his own pork barrel funds, including DAP. Kaya naman pala kasi ayaw i-abolish ang pork, may sarili pala siyang imbentong pork. In short, President Aquino is part of this problem. He is a promotor, instigador and, in the case of DAP, imbentor. It would be an injustice to ourselves and to the nation if we believe the BS of the pro-pork syndicate that BS Aquino should be shielded from the protests and the criticisms.

“That’s what they are in for. They are for the protection of BS Aquino at all costs. They do their share in hijacking and sabotaging the protests and our messaging to limit the scope of our vision and save the skin of their master, idol and leader… No one, especially the President, should be above the law or beyond the reach of citizens demanding transparency and accountability…”

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By Batas Mauricio

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