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FLOODING is here once again!
THAT appears the order of the day whenever heavy rains lash our city.

ALL same reasons, same excuses we hear from them, our local officials-- specifically our city engineer’s office, as saying same thing: “We’re experiencing this flooding because of our low sea level problem.”
That’s the usual answer we get whenever those known low-lying areas of our city are in serious inundation.

LET’s be more honest and candidly more admitting that our poor drainage system is the cause of it all.
After all, this is more of a gospel truth to most of us in mi ciudad de Zamboanga who can’t easily be misled, less be deceived at all.

WILL that be the same reason expected to be fed to us, through our ever active working journalists in here, by these supposed experts of ours in engineering works?

SEE those sorry roads of ours in a poor state? See the way it appears with all those pestering potholes on top of those  crooked-looking road pavements?

WORSE, these many too narrow major roads poorly constructed right in the heart of our city by our ‘narrow-minded’ forefathers (pardon me, my Lolo’) obviously having lack of foresight for the future, shown to believe being improved and enhanced by our present engineers, only to discover later being washed away when heavy downpours hammer the city due to substandard works as corruption implicitly suspected to have come in.

NOW, we have these thousands of evacuees-- already having lost their homes and their other precious possessions as a result of the now notoriously known Zamboanga City 21-day bloody crisis that triggered on Sept. 9 when the MNLF-Misuari faction heavily armed forces invaded our 6 or more thickly populated barangays and their sitios, and lives of their dear ones suddenly snapped from their midst, as well, when caught in the crossfire-- so miserably finding themselves all soaked, drenched and wet as they tremble with all their similarly displaced families, numbering in thousands, staying in their temporary shelters encamped in the various evacuation centers herded them there hurriedly but with all  compassion, by the CMC (Crisis Management Committee) as heavy rains battered the city for hours long over the weekend.

THESE same poor evacuees are being compounded with addition of burdens facing them in their appalling and dreary days ahead.

MOST if not all of them affected by the September bloody standoff, are vehemently opposed to their impending transfer to our city’s proposed rehabilitation sites where they are to be resettled as their new homes as promised by the national government thru its funding commitment of P 3.9 billion for the said purpose.

WE do hope the city government through its CMC headed by our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, will aptly & prudently lend its all ears to their cry.
Give them back their suitable and preferable place/s where they can very well rebuild & improve the best they can their respective lives in their conducive homes they can call their own.

FOR those who opt for transfer-- either to the city’s proposed rehab sites or allow them go back to their respective original destinations, of course with government’s adequate financial help—for heaven’s sake, give them their wish, as well.

PERHAPS, they’ll, more or less, heap pretty much a sigh of relief & comfort, for the time being, as they pursue their dreams for a better living, and try to erase the scar of the infamous September bedlam that jolted, stunned and shocked us all on that fateful dawn of Sept. 9, 2013.
PERHAPS, fitted to be calendared as our “Days of Mourning” the rest of our lives.
How pitiful!

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