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Soldiers from North need Acclimatization of South



THE press-con yesterday afternoon(Oct. 7) called by the CMC, revealed the latter admits the complexities and the enormous challenges ahead, in helping our city, and those thousands affected by the ZC bloody standoff then aggravated by the present deluge caused by the continuous heavy rains-- as a result of two highly disturbing weather conditions, rise from all these maladies.  

EACH of them was singled out to say their piece, and explained to all and sundry, how they respectively are addressing their own assigned tasks from their superiors relative to these two huge crisis.

AS we now very well know-- first; when hit by a hail of heavy firefights between our government troops and the attacking forces of the MNLF-Misuari firebrands out to annex our city to their side in desperate attempt to spoil the current GRP-MILF peace negotiation. They felt being left out from these talks for lasting peace in Mindanao, hence their ditch towards such massive disturbances through armed struggle in mi ciudad de Zamboanga. And second, when heavy rains coupled with those huge thunderstorms late those nights, causing such a deluge never seen before, rage this already so tormented city of ours.  

CMC chair Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar appeared in good stead, despite the crisis. She seemed taking all these in stride-- at times managed to flash her familiar grin, just the opposite when talking of the rest.

My tukayu’ Jun Orendain, Beng’s city administrator, displayed his no horsing around stance while all the rest with their poker faces to virtually plummet its venue at the conference room of the re-occupied City Hall, in abysmal mood.   .

WHEN my turn came, I shot my first query to CHO Dr. Rodel Agbulos with regards to a possible outbreak of an epidemic as feared by the many sectors here, what with the multitudes rendered homeless by the Sept. mayhem.

Dr. Agbulos assured as no way an epidemic or a scourge could rise if only immediate preventive measures that they’re now resorting, are all in place.

That sounds very rewarding, very aspiring and all there’s to trust our good city head physician who knows all the ABCs about the adage in the medicine world: “Prevention is better than an ounce of cure.”

NO wonder under Dr. Agbulos’ watch, ZC has been always and ever the recipients of various awards & all the other accolades from the different sectors for being safe and secure from all classes of diseases and illnesses-- ranging from common ailments to HIV/AIDS, as well as its fight against the morbidity arising from the  deadly mosquito-borne dengue fever that plagues our country at present. 

NEXT, my second question was trained towards the PNP through its spokesman Maj. Huesca, with regards to their supposed enhanced security for the Oct. 12 fiesta Pilar celebration this coming Saturday.

Maj. Huesca, much as he’d want to give a better answer, rested on a few carefully-addressed security concerns for the particular religious affair, for almost every year, its fiesta had been always observed with intact in its slated religious activities until this year, in most likelihood.

NO less than our lady mayor expressed her ‘little worry’ about how our fiesta this year will fare, sans its Hermosa Festival that normally runs for two weeks capped with the Oct. 12 feast day in honor of the city’s patroness saint Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Pilar.

Many of us may have already set our foot at the Fort Pilar shrine in the aftermath of the Sept. bloody siege. Historically, the ancient shrine was built during the Spanish era, and said piously situated near the Muslim village of Rio Hondo whose many folks residing nearby even drop to pay their respect and their homage to the Virgin.

MAYOR Beng likewise announced that equally revered for our Muslim brothers, is the forthcoming celebration of the Eidel Fitri declared as a special holiday by his Excellency Pres. Aquino III( or isn’t it being calendared officially as so?) on Oct. 16, just days apart.

AND SO, there you are, proof that in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, there’s peace & unity among Christians & Muslims where their co-existing harmonious relationship dates back since time immemorial.

WITH all due respect, those from the North should better be kind and logical enough never ever to generally paint an unlikely image  about us Mindanawons— to the point of casting undue aspersion upon their own fellow countrymen inhabiting Mindanao, the country’s land of promise in the South.

OUR soldiers hailing from Luzon and the Visayas, unfamiliar of places assigned in Mindanao, should even be subjected to acclimatizing well via tough orientation to better understand the customs and traditions of the diverse and multi-cultural and ethnic beliefs of the Mindanao folks, before their supposed proper deployment in the known conflict zone areas down here South.

In that manner, casualties and collateral damage when fighting breaks out to the hilt like the one we just went through, will be to its very minimum-- or even to Zero at all.

THIS is worth looking into when their deployment for Mindanao comes.

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