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City mom is upset!



DIST. 1 Lady Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar was furious when learned that one radio station was criticizing her staff and even herself— being In-Charge of the relief collections coming from various donors in the wake of the two successive large crisis that rampage our hapless city of Zamboanga these days.

MYRA asked me if I knew the cp. # of one particular announcer of the said radio station, so she could reach the fellow.

I answered her in the negative, while taunting her being now a radio fan.
SHE must have reached the said radio and could have had her chats with her intended party.
BUT when I stepped down on the council’s ground-floor where Myra is holed out with her staff— being in such capacity, purposely, for the crisis, and duly designated by CMC head Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, what fed me was rather grossly unfair for her and her whole group, and that includes the City Social Welfare Office(CSWO) under its OIC Evelyn Las Marias.

MYRA appeared pretty upset for the first time since being posted from day one(last Sept. 9) of the nonstop crisis.
IN a short time, she finally uncorked what truly bothered her.
“I told them( the radio outlet) they can come over here to witness what we are doing. We have nothing to hide here. Everything here is accounted for,” she stressed.

NOW, it came to my mind what piqued her when its radio host scorned her group of supposedly concealing some donated items, relying on mere hearsays.

A female staff retorted: “We’re actually transferring certain donated items that are susceptible to getting easily wet because of the continuous heavy rains. They’re free to come here in our office to see for themselves all these donations we receive. It’s not fair giving sweeping statements just like that, as this will likely mislead the people.”

AT all times, media practitioners should exhaustively exert all efforts to get all sides of the issue for fairness sake. Or if not, at-least, as they say: “Both sides of the coin,” so there’ll be no risk/s at all of being subpoenaed for libel.

I was very much in broadcast works, until my recent retirement (only last Sept). And, I don’t blame, pointblank, radio journalists, especially, when getting carried away so emotionally amid all those edging issues believed shrouded in shady deals. 

BUT, then again, all in media—be in Print or in Radio/TV works— must, at all times, behave truly as responsible practicing journalists, lest we find ourselves in the middle ground—unnecessarily.

At certain pernicious period, we become easy preys of unfit minds effortlessly peeved for even cheap comments—in short pikon!  
PEOPLE, who are like that, are even dangerous to step on their toes.  And so, beware!   

CERTAINLY, this doesn’t mean that I find the Megan Young-like beauteous lady councilor an onionskin. Definitely not! Korek bayo Consehala?


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