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Perishable donations left to rot?



DIST. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano was right when he howled in utter dismay his sheer observation against some of his colleagues full of braggadocio but never have proven their worth at all.

THE councilor from the west even threatened to resign as chair of the committee on Ordinances & Resolutions if these bullheaded members of the August Body remain remiss in attending committee hearings where their presence is a must.

“Bueno lang sos grosa y man pusak gayot emprente na tv camera, pero’ c nuay tv, nuay sos gana pone ila obra pencing,” ya entramete yatamen c Bogs, dimio sidekick.

ACCORDING to a belated report reaching pencing, 3 city councilors were immediately informed of the presence of the MNLF-Misuari armed group in one village infested early dawn of Sept. 9, but that no one dared to return call right away to one top barangay official who posted his distress call to these trio, separately.

“Ke clase de public servants! Bueno lang estos na mga photo ops, pencing,” ci Bogs kunsumido ya tamen.

“Ta estrania pa bos Bogs?” ya entramete tamen c Al, otro bien sabiondo.

Kamo gat dos, taman salawayun ya tamen kamo dos.

“Porke man jun? man pikon sila? Aba, hinde’ se puede, para cosa man sila co’re na pulitika, y c talli na puesto, onion skin ya sila ta kda, aba hinde’ se puede,” c Al pa ya purpia.
Ese pah!

HOW true a lot of perishable donated items were left to rot/decay, instead of distributing them outright to the evacuees?
AS they say, if there’s smoke, there’s fire.

BUT, first let’s verify and allow those who might feel alluded    to air their side, if indeed true.
If no iota of truth in it, then again, such sweeping accusation/s should instead be deplored, and such a misdemeanor be castigated.

MAJOR parts of the city were plunged into total brownouts for 2 straight days(Oct. 17 and Oct. 18, from 8am to even longer than 5pm— the number of hours supposedly to last their power rehab works in the city ), and again affected residents hurled all invectives vs. Zamcelco for its supposed poor power supply service to its own member-consumers.

When reached to know what went wrong, Zamcelco denied having to do with its cause, and put the blame instead to NGCP(National Grid Corp. of the Philippines), a private power firm that took over the Mindanao power grid as part of the privatization plan of the national government through its NPC/PSALM— the state- owned & controlled main power source with strong base in Mindanao with the Maria Cristina Falls in Lanao as its true primary source.

Can’t blame its own member-consumers when every time lights snapped in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, the finger-pointing is immediately on Zamcelco.
I know some if not a lot in Zamcelco, doing their job darn well, even beyond the call of duty.

“But you know Jun, the trouble brewing always in Zamcelco is due to the supposed apathy and the indifference of certain staff and personnel of our Power Coop here. Its management and its board of directors are observed attuned well to their jobs, but not in the case of some hardnosed staff & personnel,” a top Zamcelco official confided to this corner last week.

IN due time, Zamcelco will ultimately function normally, as a permanent GM will eventually be named.

The name that strongly is being banked is that of Engr. George Ledesma from the Industrial Group in ZC.

Engr. Ledesma was named as the most qualified amongst the applicants for the GM post by NEA. AND it looks like he’ll be a shoo-in for the said post.

THE post of a GM in Zamcelco has long been left vacant since the supposed arbitrary termination of its former GM, the beloved Rey Ramos, along with the mass termination of its then board of directors.

GM Ramos is still endeared by many in Zamcelco, despite his removal for alleged irregularities about 3 yrs. ago.

Poor GM Ramos, he’s now missed by many used to his down-to-earth flair, but found effective in running the show in Zamcelco.

IN his heyday at Zamcelco, brownouts/blackouts were ordered immediately addressed/solved by the then  GM Ramos whenever he learned of any distress calls from any member-consumer in urgent need for help to bring back the light that suddenly went off.

“Pero’ pencing, aura bien tarda man gayot sila llega c ta ase llamada canila. Pate’ rebenta rebenta lang pirmi ila buluk transformer,” c Bogs ya tamen ya combersa.

IT’s very true what Bogs is saying, as this is my own disappointment as well. That ‘old’ transformer of Zamcelco, probably installed in olden days yet, as always, figures in frequent sudden blast/s, especially during the heavy rains.

And when they occur, all customers of the Icons Internet Access on Climaco Ave.( formerly Guardia Nacional) just sigh in desperation as all their works done in the internet, though they save, suddenly go off the screen, and all they do is to rush outside after paying their dues.

Poreso gale’ pencing, dol ichuray bodi caca’ gat tu, c tamira yo cuntigo. Dol pirmi man tu cumigo cunsumido, cay akel gale’ crisis d tuyu bolsa,” ya tontiya pa canaton c Bogs. 

No problem Bogs, let’s just walk by Faith. That’s most important we need to do, Bogs.   

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