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More wraths coming unless..



OURS, the Philippines, is the only Christian nation in the entire Asia, but yet all the worst we could ever imagine can be found in here.
“You name it, we all have it,” as we’d like to taunt ourselves.

WE all know what struck us last Sept.—the two colossal crisis when the MNLF-Misuari hostile armed forces mounted their vicious attacks, then rendered in deluge a wide portion of the city, triggering the massive evacuation of thousands of its own populace.
THAT’s in Mindanao when talking of the infamous Zamboanga crisis.

NOT too long ago, a super typhoon left a large part of the North in serious inundation. That’s in Luzon.

NOT contented, it brought in the killer 7.2 temblor that wreaked havoc in the Visayas and even felt as far as some portions of Mindanao.
FOR obvious reasons, perhaps, this country is likely in for more God’s wraths.
Ampara yalang kanaton ki!

THIS is truly a no laughing matter at all. All we need to appear pleasing in the sight of the Father Almighty, is Repent Now!
Then, pray hard to God Almighty not to let loose His outrage again on us.
AND, the only way God will listen to us is when we get rid of our being hypocrites!
HYPOCRICY is one offense abhorred by God so much.      

WE seem praying hard to HIM inside our respective churches and/or houses of worship, but inside in us, we are heartless, greedy and ruthless in our thoughts, in our minds and in our hearts. Why is it so?

You must have noticed these swaggering top gov’t officials on your television screens  during the senate hearings and other televised probes, their lies, their all denying antics, their crimes and their other offenses caught with their pants down but later gone scot-free, and those most compelling issues currently exposing congressmen, senators and the other bigwigs in government supposedly in ca-hoot for those billions worth of the so-called PDAP and/or DAP— feinting as pro-poor projects when in-fact these are but scams out to wantonly and blatantly pocket their own people’s money to gloat themselves in enormous wealth not at all theirs, in the first place.

I met one local contractor the other day as he stepped down from City Hall.
“Jun, I’m reading your column,” he said while greeting me downstairs of CH sometime last week.
I noticed in him something in common with the rest of his peers in the local construction business.

Just like others I met prior him, all they’re asking is grant them projects that are worth not less than P30 million to even as much as their supposed P50 million cap.

Most if not all, perhaps, detest bidding city infra projects that are in their minute amount of from P1.5 million to their supposed limit at P3 million or a little more of that.

Nonetheless, in my casual interview/s with certain engineers of our City Engineer’s Office(CEO), they say it’d be quite impossible, giving projects amounting that high for each bided out contract.

“ OUR city has no big funds to allocate that much, as we have almost 100 barangays. If what they’re asking will be the case, the city will have to shell out roughly P3 billion. We don’t have that kind of money,” they argued in common.

THEY reasoned why city projects worth of some P1.5 million to as high as only P3 million are being bided out is supposedly for the just and equitable distribution of all these city projects among the 98 total barangays that we have here.

THERE you are, it looks like it can’t be granted at all to what our local contractors are now asking under new Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar.

“Antes dao, pencing, ta tormenta dao sila tene  proyecto ki na ila mismo ciudad de Zamboanga tiempo di Mayor So’ administration, cay iti’ iti’ lang dao proyecto taman bidding, quiere sila umpoco’grande, cosa sila aura ta pidi cun Mayor Beng. Ay dale ba kanila ese cosa sila ta pidi c Mayor Beng?” c Bogs ya tamen tampa bright.

But, Bogs has good sense of humor. Keep it up Bogs!

WHATEVER, but what the local populace here would wish for, as always, is for all government projects— either local or national— to be built or constructed according to their plans and specifications.

WE are absolutely up in arms against fragile projects found later with those unwarranted cracks and their other distasteful defects that we see in most gov’t projects like the school buildings, bridges, ripraps, and of course those awkward-looking brittle roads all because of their substandard works.

THAT’s all that we care for. Don’t build us infra projects funded by taxpayers’ money that can easily crumble  whenever disasters strike in mi ciudad de Zamboanga..


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