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The art of negotiation thru civil military operation


In the 1980's the AFP has an effective weapon in winning the hearts ad minds of the misguided elements.

The exploration of peace dialogue was maximized to orient, enlighten and to educate the misled Filipinos who were victims of poverty, ignorance and injustice and were exploited by few individuals to fight the government to attain their selfish motive.

The AFP Letters of Instruction (LOI) such as LOI Katatagan, LOI Mamayan LOI Lambat Bitag I & II and Oplan Sandugo concepts were proven to have succeeded in the Battle of Hearts and Minds by conquering the enemy without firing a shot thru an effective Civil Military Operation (CMO) activities.

The pro-people approach by conducting an information caravan with LGU's in rural areas to address the misinormation and to counter enemy propaganda resulted to the return to the main stream of our society by misguided Filipino brothers both the communist insurgents and members of the secesssionist movement.

In the case of secessionist group particularly the muslim rebels, we have to study and understand their custom, tradition, culture and their practices in order to bridge the communication gap that is one of the main reasons of misunderstanding so that we will not go down to their level of mentality but for us to exercise flexibility to our advantage to prevent escalating crisis.

For instance some of the rebels and former rebels have an erroneous understanding of the word courage.

To most of them it is a courageous act for one who is prepared, ready and willing to die even for a very simple and insignificant cause.

But if properly oriented and enlightened, as human beings they also want to live and enjoy life and abandon the wrong interpretation of courage.

However, if they are pushed against the wall they become ruthless, suicidal and expendable.

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