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Many want all officials replaced by interim gov’t


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me; his word was on my tongue. The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me: ‘When one rules over people in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, he is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings grass from the earth’…” (2 Samuel 23:2-4, the Holy Bible).

MANY NOW WANT ALL OFFICIALS REPLACED: It simply cannot be denied anymore. President Aquino is fast losing---if he has not completely lost it yet---the support of many from the mass of people who formed the backbone of his presidential candidacy in 2010, on account of the raging pork barrel scam and the continuing corruption in his government even up to now that only about 32 short months are left before his term ends in 2016.

With due respect, the President must be made aware that many of those who supported him in 2010 have become disgusted with him in view of his refusal to discard the pork barrel system, and in view as well of the continuing plunder of trillions of pesos in government money even during his term, to the extent that these former supporters are now agitating for the replacement of all present officials of the Philippines with a new group---maybe, a transitory government---that will run the country henceforth.

This maybe a little raw at the moment, and maybe dismissed as the mere ramblings of Aquino’s foes and critics. Which maybe true, yes. But it cannot be denied that agitations like this are unthinkable during the early stages of his term, and even up to, and until, the time that the pork barrel scam erupted in media. Surely, there has been a radical change in the way people regard Aquino now, and, unless earnestly remedied, this could give rise to more unpleasant consequences for him.

“KISS OF DEATH” IN 2016: It could also be a cause for concern among his candidates in 2016, of course. I mean, if the popularity and the trust that Aquino once enjoyed among those who believed in him in 2010 are being fast dissipated, and he is now being perceived as truly lacking in ability to deliver his promise of righteous governance and corruption-free bureaucracy, this disenchanment with him could rub on to his candidates, with disastrous consequences.

It may come to a point where his endorsement of anyone aspiring for the presidency in 2016 could actually become a “kiss of death”, in the same way that the endorsement of then President Arroyo in favor of then Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro was viewed by many as the principal reason for Teodoro’s resounding defeat.

And if it happens that Aquino cannot carry his candidates to victory in 2016, and Malacanang would then fall into the hands of his political opponents, it is going to be certain that whatever fate that befell former President Joseph Estrada and former President Gloria Arroyo may likewise happen to him, especially considering present accusations that billions of government money were similarly squandered from 2010 to 2013, under his watch.

WHAT FILIPINO PRESIDENTS MUST TRY TO DO IN 6 YEARS: Which brings me back to a question I posed in this column several months back: what could be the best legacy that a Philippine President could leave for our country and our people, one that will bring about real change for good governance and more honest and transparent bureaucracy? Remember that the President, whoever he is, will only have six short years to lead.

As for me, it is not any economic turn around, or even corruption-free government, for these will be mere fleeting victories. It is leading Filipinos into a spiritual return (or revival, or re-awakening, as some others may put it), whatever their religious affiliation maybe, through a furious reading and study, meditation and careful obedience, of the Bible for Christians, and of the other holy books for those in other faiths.

A president wishing to make a difference among Filipinos should endeavor to bring back everyone to the fear and love of God, which are the pre-requisites to real, substantial and beneficial change, for it is only when our people have the fear and love of God in their hearts that they will stop being corrupt and plunderous, will stop being abusive, and will stop thinking of their interests alone. Any other tack, as our own experiences in this country will show, will only be futile.

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