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God the greatest helper of all


In Psalm 136 the Psalmist remembered how God brought Israel out of slavery and the bondage of Egypt (vv. 10-11). That’s redemption. Then He brought them through, first by parting the Red Sea. You and I could be facing some seemingly impossible “Red Sea” in our life today or tomorrow; but we can trust God to open up the way for us. We should remember that God not only brought the Israelites through the waters in a miracle, but He also brought them through the wilderness, day after day, year after year. And then he brought them into the promised Land. They finally made it.

Although the old generation died in their unbelief, but the new generation entered in with great glory and power and claimed their inheritance. God wants to do this for us today. He wants to bring us out and make us free. He wants to bring us through the deep water and wilderness experiences of our life, that He might bring us into the inheritance that He has for us. Today, in whatever predicament we are in, let’s allow God to bring us out and bring us through, that He might bring us in. God is the only “viable option” we have in all our needs!

To all the readers of this humble column, especially to those who are celebrating their nativity this 24th day of October, I wish you all peace, joy, happiness, and contentment. May our heavenly father bless us all with more blessed days to come. Viable Option humbly would like to end this article with a prayer:

Almighty God, you are Creator of the universe, Creator of all living things, visible and invisible. Heavenly Father, you are an awesome God, and today, as we remember our nativity, we thank you for the gift of life, you graciousness and the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus. We declare our full dependence upon you Father God, for you are the only one who specializes in the impossible. You are greater than all our problems and knows better what is best for us; and your best is better than anything we can choose. We thank you for your faithfulness and we claim your promises never leaving nor forsake us and providing all our needs according to your riches and glory. And we know that in your own perfect timing our blessings will come. Father God we come before your throne of grace in the name of Jesus and yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever! Amen.

By Bro Paeng Santos

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