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Evacuees’ runaround complaints must be looked into



ACCORDING to my reliable source, the Turkish Institute here, when learned its donated beef through the CMC intended for the evacuees of the recent twin crisis that scourged our city in recent days were supposedly just wasted— sadness and gloom preset with resentment wrapped its whole place.

The source’s face fell as he revealed: “They were really disappointed as to what reportedly happened to their beef donations.”
MOST of these escalating talks disputed the banner of the two dailies screaming their identical top stories citing roughly 100 kilos of donated beef were spoiled, and therefore failed to avail of by the intended recipients—the thousand evacuees.

THOSE ‘whistle blowers’ (kunu’) were fast telling us it wasn’t only 100 kilos of beef gone wastage but 800 to even 100 kilos of such a donation made by the generous Turkish School based in Pitogo, Brgy. Sinunuc were trashed after their spoilage.      
“YA usa dao backhoe para entera cunese mga carne baca( A backhoe was supposedly used to bury those spoiled beef),” disclosed one of these  ‘whistle blowers.’

FOR fairness sake, though, let’s listen to the alluded side, if willing to shed light on the issue.

OH poor evacuees! Most are claiming they’re given the runaround by these concerned agencies and/or offices supposed to help them out in processing their papers before they can avail of the pledged help from the government.

LAST Monday afternoon (Oct. 22), one female evacuee, looking frail & haggard, appeared in the office of one of our elective officials here— bringing with her all the doctor’s prescriptions issued her by our City Health Office(CHO).

So unfortunate, it occurred that the said official had nothing to offer her any help— financially, as he happened to be in crisis as well, he claimed.
“Deberas man tamen, pencing, cay este c.. evacuis tamen,” ya entra ya tamen c Bogs, el sabiondo.

THE evacuee narrated her ordeal to us all present at that moment: “Napunta ako sa CHO, cay iyon ang sabi sa akin ang taga City Hall. Pagnandon ako sa City Health, ito ang mga prescriptions binigay sa akin. Ang sabi sa akin pupunta dao ako sa ospital ng Zamboanga Medical Center(ZCMC). Nalakat lang ako para sa ospital. Pag-dumating ako don sa ospital, ka-ilangan dao babayaran ako ng mga P200 pa. Na, wala talaga ako ng pera. Ito na ang bakit kung nandito ako cay… . Wala talaga ako pera, nalakat lang ako para dito sa sanguniang(council).”

NOW, I need to ask our good mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, if she may.

“Mayor Beng, I remember well, that one of your good plans for your constituents when I interviewed you on TV through my show “Pencing-Hard Punch” on (demised?) Channel 13(whatever happens to you TV-13?), you said you had in mind to already set up the city’s supposed delayed implementation of its One-Stop-Shop concept.

Based on its said mechanism, it’ll indeed help curtail expenses, time and effort of our people here in making their follow-ups on their pertinent papers or their documents.

I conducted the one-one-interview with the lady mayor inside the lobby of Garden Orchid Hotel(GOH) shortly after the mayor’s rousing victory in the May elections this year.

The mayor in the said interview, even made her earnest appeal to everyone to support her new administration. The mayor even asked the help of this humble corner to be part of her monitoring team as she envisions her governance to be truly public service-oriented.

The mayor happily informed how well-trained her whole staff could be.

THEY reportedly underwent thoroughly their seminars meant to deal upright well her people who gave her an overwhelming mandate to be their new mayor in the last local elections.

WITH all due respect, there are the ever loyal followers of Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar who’ll always come to her defense at all cost.

“SHE is only there for about 3 months. It is not fair to judge her performance this too early. Any mayor will really have a hard time to tackle such a great crisis like what had just happened to us,” a local government employee wrote off such notion in her behalf. 

“BASTA yo Beng pa siempre, although anybody as mayor, basta hinde’ lang c (Celso) Lobregat,” local biz-man.

“Mayor Beng nailed it for a long-term solution. She’s after the future of our city,” a social worker.

OUR people ought to know the underlying circumstances happening behind-the-scenes—sans, of course, jeopardizing our security concerns. All these are meant solely for Transparency sake that we promise as our own avowal to our people.


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