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BG heeds Canada-based schoolmate’s wish: “Give rice donations direct to evacuees”



ONE top local official is inkling to put up his own (local) newspaper.
“Jun, perhaps, you can help me,” the interested official broached his supposed plan.
I said: “What’s it?”
“I hope I can get you, I’m planning to try in newspapering,” he candidly disclosed.
Ese pah.. kemanera man se, taki ya kta cun Danny L.
I thought to myself.

A last termer, this kind-hearted city official is, most likely, toying the idea to run for Congress in future local polls in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.
Good Luck to you Sir!

An upright staff of one top city official-- concerned of the city’s supposed worsening plight—beaconed this corner to his side, and hinted: “They shouldn’t discuss issues not attuned to the crisis we’re facing now. Cosa ba se ta discuti de branding aserca de Asia’s Latin City o City of Flowers? They better relegate that issue to the sideline, but instead tackle seriously as to how we can very well rehabilitate this massive evacuation problem of our people affected by the crisis.”

“Deberasan se pencing, manada cosa sila debe atende pakimodo aregla cunel diaton pueblo, cay trabulicao gayot este tiempo, y aura apurahan tamen sila se discuti mga de lasang issue,” ya abri ya tamen su grande boca ste c Bogs.

But he hit a bull’s eye, right on its head. Why not give much of their attention to all these topsy-turvy & so intertwined situation that we’re now facing in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, instead of laying their focus on trivial matters, like their fight over the branding issue?

BY the way, with regards to some top government officials to supposedly undergo a stress-debriefing themselves, as well, on account of the recent tough crisis that struck ZC, these proponents are heavily for it, as they couldn’t fathom their certain wayward ways.

“Tiene lli dol war-shock pa siempre. Tiene lli dol ballena na de grande, dol ploho ya para mobe, cay siguru durmi, durmi  yalang tiempo del crisis, y despues man pogi points yalang na tv,  na radio o na newspaper. Alli lang man sos bueno,” agrabiao ya tamen ta combersa c Bogs.

“Pero’ tiene lli pencing, bien trabahador gayot, igual como sila canda….( off-hand c pencing lli, cay baca abla sila pa’bor, pa’bor kta lli, Bog. Ebo yalang cay kapal muks bo. (Rabiao yayo cun Bogs.)

A group of prominent businessmen here appears edgy these days, with their business on the downward trend, due to the recent herculean crisis that flattened mi ciudad de Zamboanga.  

“WE have been losing so much because of the crisis. We just do hope that our city government will lie low on any plan to impose another round of tax increases.

Instead, the city should better reconsider all their hiked tax measures in the business sector. We are so much burdened in terms of income loses ignited by the two huge crisis,” they expressed their gripes.

“El malo se, pensa pa sila modo para ace subi ya tamen canaton ese mga buis, cay para precura man offset se mga perdicion del ciudad na ila campania na pagada de local taxes,” ya combersa tamen c Al.

Good grace, hope they won’t do it, not even a whimper.

YOUNG(Dist. 2) city legislator BG B. Guingona IV on Friday(Oct. 25) received the pledged donations of rice from his schoolmate (ADZU) Ms. Krysel delos Santos who is now based in Toronto, Canada, intended all for the evacuees in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

“It was coursed through me, as she would want all these 113 sacks of 25 kilos of rice to be distributed by my office, per her special request. I’m just heeding to her request,” explained the 25-year old member of the local-policy making body in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

Councilor BG Guingona said he’ll distribute the rice through the close coordination of either the CSWO or the DSWD here.

The energetic & good-looking youthful local alderman further explicated that those donations, not necessarily coursed via their special requests, are being entrusted to the command center under the close supervision of Dist. 1 Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar.
BG Guingona said some donated used clothes/clothing received by his office earlier, were directly coursed to the relief distribution center of the hardworking lady councilor.

“Na despues, akel gale’.. . Ansina lang?” ya pega pa era c Bogs.

Hinde’ bos puede, Bogs, cay sweeping accusation se.

“Aserca pa se de baka, jun,?” otro ste c Ador, nuebo bocachon ya entra na cuento.
“Na porke, baka lang ya mentiona, man pikon ya sila? Aba, no ulbida sila, public servants sila, ya elehi’ canila el publiko. No sila man onion skin lli,” c Nado, otro cuchara mal labao, ya entra tamen na cuento.

Basta ya!!( I admonished them all).

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