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Pagadian City doing better now



PAGADIAN CITY- I’m here in this city where the seat of Region-9 was then situated in our city of Zamboanga.
Most if not every body, practically, knows that its seat was transferred to this City of Pagadian about the middle of year 2000 during the reign of then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

According to political experts, it was a political payback coming from then PGMA for winning resoundingly in Pagadian City in the two political exercises that gave her an unprecedented 9-year uninterrupted term since she deposed then disgraced Pres. Joseph Estrada who was ousted when impeached by the Supreme Court as he was accused of supposed wanton graft & corruption during his short-lived governance after his overwhelming victory in the Presidential polls in l998.

NOW, the capital of the regional seat in Region IX has been well under the geographical control & supervision of Pagadian City’s officialdom.
THE supposed continuous fight of ZC’s officialdom to regain back such right, appears slim and even an exercise in futility.

Its hope in its supposed unyielding legal battle for such a cause has even dampened further when ZC has been right now languishing in terrible trauma and in miseries in the light of the two huge crisis that we knew of, already—the nearly a month-long Sept. bloody skirmishes stemmed from the Sept. 9 attack of the MNLF-Misuari disgruntled armed group and the killer flashfloods caused by a Super storm that immediately followed.

IN my travel to Pagadian City here on Friday (Nov. 1--All Saints’ Day) along with my brothers & sisters in the Spiritual Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, for their baptism in the spirit of obedience to the Will of the Father.
THE momentous (Spiritual) event took place at Decky’s (water-pool) Resort located in Pulacan, Zamboanga del Sur, where a total of 51 souls were newly- baptized.

TWO of these repented souls originated from ZC. They are sisters Ranalyn Manuel, 26 years old and Michelle E. Dayoan, 32 years of age.

I and ZC KLC(Kingdom Light Congregation) leader Junrey G. Pordios accompanied the duo all the way to the baptismal site whose cool, simple& quiet ambiance added to their blessings received from the Almighty Father during the occasion-- described a “milestone” in their spiritual journey while still here in this secular world.
OTHERS from ZC in the group were sisters Jonalyn Manuel, Virginia Canto, Candelaria Fernan and brother Esteban Orinza.

WHAT truly awed and mesmerized this corner is Pagadian City’s robust business potentials as its commerce & industry seems tremendously blossoming at this stage.

The city here shows big hopes for large and huge malls to rise in its horizon.

This nascent and very promising city has its own spacious Integrated Bus Terminal, its own airport to cater to interested big investors and to tourists eager to visit this city.

Its major streets are impressively clean and well planned & arranged in its parking scheme-- unlike in mi ciudad de Zamboanga where everything we see right in the heart of the city is virtually enslaved in a web of chaos, full of fear & insecurity, preset with its utter breakdown in cleanliness & sanitation.

This City of Pagadian is now governed by a new set of its own elective city officials esteemed highly by its local populace.

They are believed better endeared by the people here compared to their past elective officials known as tainted and corrupted by the supposed notorious Aman Pyramid scam.

The scam has reportedly caused the defeat and the political downfall of its then powerful political leaders-- the present leaders’ predecessors.

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