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Leyte’s Romualdez: oversight with godly lawmakers


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Is there such a man in whom the Spirit of God dwells?...” (Genesis 41:38, the Holy Bible).

REP. ROMUALDEZ IS RIGHT, WE NEED OVERSIGHT: Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez is right. We need a Congressional oversight committee. This is necessary to promote transparency and accountability in government. But Romualdez must ensure that the committee members must be righteous and morally upright. Otherwise, it is going to be the same corrupt banana all over again. Useless, and just a waste of time and resources.

The problem in this country is not the lack of institutions to ensure good governance. What we lack are Spirit-directed officials, or men and women who are capable, men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain. Too often, evil men and women are the ones who are installed in power in almost every position in government. Consequently, corruption thrives, and graft prevails. Abuse abounds.

But are there still Filipinos who are directed by the Spirit of God? Sadly, there is almost no one. The reason? Filipinos are no longer listening to God. No one is reading the Bible anymore. Filipinos are no longer obeying God. Everyone does things to please or promote himself, not God. The result? Growing up without God. Which means, growing up with the devil, and doing his evil ways.

PREPARING FOR THE INEVITABLE: In the aftermath of the country’s commemoration of All Saints’ Day, a news article screamed: “dying is expensive”. Indeed it is, what with the cost of the wake and the burial, among others. But, even among the very poor, there is a way to beat the cost of dying, as it were. It is by taking out life insurance---not pre-need plans---which provides benefits, including death benefits.

The idea is to assess how much one can afford to set aside every payday as savings. Then, bring these savings to a life insurance agent who can then help choose the best “savings-investment plan”, according to what is regularly saved.

In the market today, some companies are offering unique “savings-investment plans” that can provide insurance coverage and burial and accident and dismemberment benefits, all at the same time. I belong to one of these companies, and I am undergoing training to be able to act as a “financial consultant” of even the poorest of families who may need help at some point in time. Call my numbers written below for details. The time to prepare is now!

AQUINO CONTINUING TO LOSE SUPPORT: It was a waste. It did not benefit President Aquino at all. Instead, it has angered and alienated even his supporters all the more, because in his TV primetime appearance on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, what many expected Aquino to do---announce the scrapping of pork barrel allocations of lawmakers, and of his own special funds---he did not do. Aquino lost, and is continuing to lose, many supporters.

MORE AID FOR BOHOL, PLEASE: It was heartwarming, alright! I refer to the act of Boholanons in Loon, Bohol, in arranging the relief goods delivered to them by Philippine Air Force officers last weekend, to approximate the letters “TY”, for “thank you”. This highlights the residents’ expression of gratitude. But it could also be their way of saying that they need more aid, simply because what is being given them as of now is not enough.

LACK OF EVACUATION FACILITIES HOUND ZAMBO RESIDENTS: And this could also be what the residents of Zamboanga City who occupied the office of the Commission on Elections in the city are saying. They are decrying the complete lack of evacuation facilities for those displaced in the recent siege of the city. Otherwise, they would not be daring to occupy the Comelec office at all. Now, because government is unable to help them, they are even facing criminal charges. Oh well…

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