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ZC fast lags behind ZamPen cities, towns



OUR Pagadian trip took us some long grueling hours-- though the highway roads are smooth-traveling all the way for all types of motor vehicles.

They practically look well-maintained-- much better than ours when reaching & entering ZC’s territorial jurisdiction, starting from Brgy. Licomo.

FROM my point of view, beginning when our group took off on Friday morning (Nov.1-All Saints’ Day), at about 9am en-route straight to Pagadian City with a brief stopover in Ipil Municipality-- the capital town of Sibugay Province, up to our return from such travel ( for the baptismal rites of our newly-born Kingdom citizens of the Lord Jesus Christ) the following day(Saturday afternoon) Nov. 2, most of the former barangays and even their sitios of Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay, are now  booming-looking towns-- the envy of our remaining sluggish  old major barangays, like Vitali, Curuan, Sangali and even Manicahan in the east-coast, and those old barangays of Labuan and Ayala, as well, in our west-coast.

WHY can’t our old barangays grow and become like them as highly progressive and flourishing towns that we can see right now while we travel to these provinces in the Zamboanga Peninsula?

VERY plainly to note-- according to our political buffs in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, our supposed political leaders’ greediness and their self-imposing/ all-knowing attitude and even considered their ‘ploy’ to chart the city’s future political landscape, but in truth, their supposed deceptive & cunning way as they’re more riveted in their passion to reign  for their own supposed selfish ends-- politically.

LOOK what happens to ZC right now? While all the rest in our neighboring provinces, cities and municipalities are raring to move on for more progress & development in their respective areas, ours are dismally and depressingly going backward.

THE town of Ipil, 20 or longer  years back, couldn’t match ours-- like those our above- mentioned major barangays from both east and west-coasts of our city, when comparing them.                

THE municipalities of Naga, Kabasalan, Buug, Lakewood, Dimataling, Dumalinao, Labangan, Pulacan and several more in those adjoining two provinces, are picking up fast, as well, in terms of such progress & development-- leaving our main barangays lagging far behind, to the chagrin of the Zamboangueños.

IF we remain the same in our listless approach on how to go about making mi ciudad de Zamboanga a better place to live in, with more to count for a better tomorrow and be the envy once more of our neighbors in the corridors for progress & development in this part of Mindanao or even all across the country, our political leaders should better wake up early by getting rid of their own selfish political agenda.
INSTEAD, they (in all their unity & solidarity), with the full support of their constituents, discern well with wisdom, knowledge & understanding, to carve a great plan for the city’s better future political destiny.

NOT so long ago, certain well-meaning sectors of ours, have broached their ideas like the creation of the Zamboanga Hermosa Province that’ll pave the way for the upgrading and the elevation of the political status of our old & vintage barangays with great potentials for progress, to a town or its same called a municipality.

IN this manner, we selflessly allow those long yearning-for-progress barangays of ours to realize their dreams in becoming at par or even much better off when finally they become as towns by shedding off such a lowest rank-- being the smallest governmental unit--- in our Philippine society.

THINK better for us to ultimately make all our dreams in mi ciudad de Zamboanga come true.

UNLESS, you aren’t truly a Zamboangueño--- in heart, in mind & in spirit, that’s one miserable downfall we need to cast out, and strengthen the more for our all common aspirations to attain such goal—peaceful, progressive, prosperous and well-secured community in co-existence with our fellow Filipinos-- regardless of our diverse cultures, customs & traditions, or in their differentials in religions/denominations, or of other creeds. It doesn’t matter at all!

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