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Constitutional basis for not paying taxes


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…You may say to yourself, `My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me.’ But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth..” (Deuteronomy 8:17-18, the Holy Bible).

NARVASA, HERO OF THE 1986 EDSA: He was the man with the “impeccable English”, always correct in his diction, syntax and tenses. He was also the lawyer with a devastating capacity to cross-examine adverse witnesses. He was indeed a rare gem in the legal and judicial circles, who helped usher in the 1986 EDSA Revolution, but former Chief Justice Andres Narvasa is now gone, called to a bigger courtroom in the skies. His death was not a loss only for the Narvasa Family, but more so for the entire country.

CONSTITUTIONAL BASIS FOR NOT PAYING TAXES: Can Filipino taxpayers really go on a tax holiday and suspend or withhold the payment of their taxes, especially the taxes on their incomes? There is a problem here because the National Internal Revenue Code mandates the forcible collection of income taxes through the withholding tax system—which means that, even before a worker gets his pay, the tax is already withheld for the government.

But, if the proponents of this tax holiday could find a way to stop the collection of their withholding taxes every payday, is there a legal basis that they can use to justify this refusal to pay taxes? My view is that, yes, there is even a Constitutional basis for this, and these are its so-called “People Power” provisions.

In several articles, the 1987 Constitution—or the very Charter which President Aquino’s mother, President Cory, pushed and caused to be ratified—confirms that sovereign power resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them, to the extent that it even grants the people the right to meddle in government affairs which, evidently, includes the payment of taxes.

JOIN, DON’T FEAR! I am encouraging our people to fully participate in on-going protest actions against the pork barrel system. This is the only peaceful way by which we can make known our collective anger that our money—collected from us with the force of law as taxes, even under pain of imprisonment—are just being stolen and plundered from us. It is time our lawmakers, our President, and all our other officials of government understand that we are now really angry. Join! Don’t fear! It is our money, not theirs!

DEFACING WEBSITES A SIGN OF PNOY’S DECLINE: Surely, the defacing of 38 government websites by computer hackers calling themselves as “Anonymous Philippines” represents the irreversible anger that Filipinos now nurture in their hearts against the pork barrel system and all officials who are involved in its abuse, as well as officials like President Aquino who are even defending the system with all their might. It is a sign on the wall: President Aquino no longer enjoys the support of a critical number of thinking Filipinos, leading to the decline of his government.

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BEING POOR? For those who are sick and tired of being poor and small and marginalized in a society where the rich and the moneyed and the powerful flaunt their wealth and openly enjoy their riches which are oftentimes questionable, there is a way to change our fortunes, if only we believe. It can be done, but our minds and hearts must be willing to do what should be done.

First, we must realize that this world and everything in it, and the entire universe, are owned by one powerful being called God. It is God who gives wealth, fortune and good life. So, we must make an effort to align our thoughts, our minds, our words and, more importantly, our actions, with what God wants. We can find what God wants from the Bible, so we must read the Bible everyday.

Then, realize that this powerful God promised to be, and is, with us all the time. Then, understand that God loves us ever so dearly, we are important to Him that He gave us His only begotten Son for us. With this love, He gave us a Spirit that is greatly powerful than anyone or anything else in this world, a Spirit that allows us to call Him “Father”, and enables us to do or get everything and anything we want, through His Son. Try this now, and see the good come to you, now!

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By Batas Mauricio

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