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NO Stamp for ZC’s barangay polls?


THE WORD: “WHAT AFFECTS OUR SPIRIT ARE OUR EVIL THOUGHTS, SUCH AS LUST, PRIDE, MURDER, IDOLATRY, ADULTERY, HATE, JEALOUSY, ENVY AND ETC..”(To substantiate further the WORD previously written in this column in the last issue.)

TODAY, Thursday (Nov. 7) is the start of the filing of the CoCs by candidates of the Nov. 25 barangays polls in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

Its elections for the barangay chairman and their kagawads has been postponed in the wake of the recent crisis last Sept. in ZC. The political exercise in the country’s smallest government unit proceeded as scheduled last Oct. 28, but not in mi ciudad de Zamboanga, and what I know of, Bohol is another place where such polls will also be conducted on Nov. 25 this year.
BOHOL, accordingly, moved its conduct of the barangay elections to such a later date because of the powerful 7.2 quake that left in ruins various places of Bohol and its environs, including Cebu.

THE big problem hounding most if not all bets willing to file their CoCs today with the local Comelec office in mi ciudad de Zamboanga is the supposed lack, or worse, the absence of the required stamp/s to be attached with their official CoCs.

REPORTS reaching pencing claimed yesterday that office of the BIR here has declared its predicament of having no stamps on hand for the barangay polls in ZC.

Ese pah!

“Ke manera man co’re mio favorito para kagawad na Tumaga?” c Bogs ta reclama.
“Kien man gat se tuyu candidato para kagawada na Tumaga?” ya ace pregunta c Ador.

“Na, quien pa man, c Nonong Santiago,” c Nado ya abisa, taman papel cun N.S

N.S later confirmed to this corner he’d run.

GOOD Luck to you N.S and all the candidates for the postponed barangay elections in ZC.

BECAUSE of the cut-off period, I mean the deadline for the submission of this column at exactly 3pm, I can’t do otherwise but halt it right now!
SEE you then!

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