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A non-lawyer outwits them all



THE ZC Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce(FCCC) met with the local BIR top brass in a classy hotel this week, and pledged that its group will support the said main collecting government agency— despite the two huge crisis that struck in mi ciudad de Zamboanga last Sept. and onward.

“We met them, and it was a fruitful one,” the Zamboangueño Revenue District Officer(RDO-93A) Cris Agad revealed.

TOGETHER with BIR regional director Alert Alocilja, Agad said ZC looms to bounce back from these crisis with the local business sector having expressed its all-out support & cooperation to the local BIR’s tax compliance campaign.

THE BIR aims to attain better tax collections in ZC when the national government’s avowed commitment & obligation of P3.9 billion for the massive rehabilitation of the city’s scores of devastated villages triggered by the twin crisis shall have been materialized with huge success.

“Maybe by next year, we’ll have better results in our tax collection efforts with these projected rehab from the crisis in place,” Agad seemed talking optimistically.   

ON this score, I wish the best of the coming year (2014) for come-backing RDO-93A head Cris Agad. Good Luck Cris!

THE city council invites ZCPO Officer-In-Charge Dennis (Basngi?) to grace its next regular session on Wednesday (Nov. 13), and shed light on persistent talks that the city remains under serious threat from armed group/s.

THE council decided to take such move for the police colonel to personally appear in the August Body in the light of the public’s negative perception still hounding so many of us by the recent bloody standoff and the immediate occurrence of the heavy flash floods right after— resulting to more additional evacuees in their hundred thousands crammed in the different evacuation camps, with the JFE sports complex as its mother evac site.

HENCE, we expect very highly the appearance of the city’s new police OIC director in the council’s next plenary session.

(Basngi succeeded controversial S/Supt. Chiquito Malayo who figured in his own celebrated hostage-taking drama which many in here were pissed off as it was found shrouded in mystery. The rest of such incident is history in itself—whether to be believed or not, it’ll all depend on how one’s mindset looks at it).   

DIST. 2 Councilor Elong Natividad, the majority floor-leader and chair of the council’s peace & order committee appears set to confront Basngi whom he supposedly chastised earlier on the airlanes.

Natividad reportedly asked Basngi to resign from his post for supposed poor performance.

“Alli mira kta cun Consehal Elong, c deberasan ba le real como peace & action officer d Mayor Beng,” ya combersa ya tamen c Bogs.

DIST. 1 Councilor Charlie Mariano revoked his own declared irrevocable resignation from his chairmanships of the different committees,     particularly as chair of the committee on Ordinances & Resolutions.

“I need to do that Jun, because I didn’t want to disappoint certain sectors who convinced me to reconsider my decision I made earlier,” Mariano explained to this corner.

THE good councilor might have made the right move, but to others, they say what counts most is stick to your principle.
Don’t ever waver from it, if you want to aspire to be the greatest of them all.

“YAN goma man c Consehal Mariano, pencing?” c Ador yaman sabiondo ya tamen.

“Quiere decir, atras abante pencing?” c Nado ya entra tamen na cuento.


DIST. 1 Councilor Mel Sadain sponsored a resolution requiring the inventory list of all the city’s properties obtained by the barangays for their use under their chieftains. This is specifically meant for strict compliance by their outgoing village chairmen for purposes of proper accounting.

“THIS is to avoid any problem to arise in their transition of leadership,” Sadain pointed out.
“Bueno se, pencing cay manada lli taman problema na mga barangays cay tiene mga barangay captain perdido na eleccion, ta ace tormenta cunel quien ya gana barangay captain,” c Bogs ya dale su rason.
BOGS is somehow correct. Keep it up you three!    

ON their MOA issue, VM Cesar Iturralde, the sangguniang panungsod( city council) presiding officer, briefed the members of the August Body— including the lawyer-members, that there’s no need to renew any MOA, as it’s forged by the barangay chairmen not based on their personal capacity, but that the MOA itself is inked between them and the city on the basis of their official  functions as the head of their respective barangays.

THE non-lawyer, very clearly, outsmarts its legal luminaries on this score.

“Ansina gale’ se pencing?” c Bogs ya ace su pregunta.

“Quin man sos mga lawyer lli?” yaman tampa tamen ste c Ador.

“No mas ya kta ace bisto,” yan lastima c Nado.

Estos gat tres! Ta precura ya tamen ila intriga!!

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