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“If any do seek for glory and power to Allah belong all glory and power. To Him mount up (all) WORDS OF PURITY; it is He Who exalts each deed of righteousness. Those that lay PLOTS OF EVIL for them is a PENALTY terrible; and the plotting of such will be void (of results).”
- Holy Qur’an 35:10

“The love of this world is the root of all evil.”

- (Hadith) Holy Prophet Muhammad

“Islam teaches freedom. Cherishes it for the Muslims as well as for the non-Muslims. The Islamic concept of freedom applies to all voluntary activities of man in all walks of life.”

- Hammudah Abdalati, ISLAM IN FOCUS

What was that attack of the MNLF to the city of Zamboanga, was that an indication of one man’s greed for power, and more? It was not for the people’s welfare, it was for the glory of one man, and a group of some. The Holy Qur’an was so clear about this matter…” to Allah belong all glory and power”… and those who ‘plotted’, the Holy Qur’an again stated categorically: “the plotting of such will be void (of results).”

In the midsts of battle, on the second week of the siege, there were already text messages addressed to all Muslims, calling for the Muslims to come out of their homes to join the fight, for this was a “war of religion of country”. Nobody heeded that call. Many were asking: What country, what religion? Whose religion?

Was it the religion of Misuari? His followers who were already worshipping him, to the point of dying for him? The Bidaa Gang were partly right, when they were against the singing of the National Anthem on the phrase “…ang mamatay nangdahil sa’yo (MNLF)…)
The results of their (MNLF) aggression  as the Qur’an said “…of such will be voided (of results).”


By a few recreants in Islam, the image of Islam was indeed destroyed, as asserted by our religious analysts. We asked them to explain. They enumerated such un-Islamic acts by those who call their “fake war” in accordance with Islam:

1. Using women (with face-veil) niqab as their agents, spies, informers prior to the siege, even before the month of Ramadan.

2. Using the recreants (Bidaa Gang) as plotters to incite disunity in the Muslim community, thereby driving the Senior Ulama to the defensive side, weakening the unity and solidarity of Muslims; the MNLF succeeded in their plotting;

3. Discord and disunity were demonstrated when the Ulama could not agree on the date of the Eidil-Fitri of 2013 (1434 A.H.)
4. Infiltrating the Muslim Students’ Association of State Colleges , Universities (both public and private) by the radical group of fundamentalists trained in Sudan, there was indeed, a foreign support to this effort. The Al-Quaida/Jamaa Islamiyah may not be far behind in this effort, our analysts were emphatic on this.

5. Will the case of “niqab” agents, the MNLF knew the “weak points” of the city. True enough “the Muslim enclaves” were their logical points, and that made Muslim communities in a pitiful state, this is the worst -  Bidaa!


Our analysts fear one day, if these face-veil women will continue wearing such outfit, Islam will definitely be in trouble because such other elements will start wearing it (the niqab), our analysts mentioned the following who will gladly use such “costume” for their special purposes:
- Women of ill-repute, to hide their immoral activities;

- Women/men who are gamblers, hold-uppers and even kidnappers to hide their activities undetected by the authorities;
- Finally, the terrorists, to hide their weapons of mass destruction

We asked for further explanations; our analysts explained – our authorities (Military/PNP) are so “scared” to confront these “wearers” for fear of being branded as “attackers of Islam”, hence, their reluctance to confront such group. But the criminals will just be too glad to join the “club of niqab wearers” for their convenience. The start of a new problem.

If these happens, our analysts confirmed with their assertions, Islam and the faithful Muslims will be pushed to the wall, on whose side now the Muslims will have to confront: Islam or the niqab wearers?

Is “niqab” a command from Islam or is it a custom of the Arabs? Our analysts refer us to the Holy QUR’AN SURAH 24, VERSE 31. The Qur’an is clear on this: No mention about “face-veil”.

So, from where this “weird costume” came from?

Our analysts affirmed our earlier writing about the research of intellectuals in Morocco that based from their findings. It was an invention of the Christian aristocracy prior to Islam.

Second, an Islamic scholar wrote in his book: “Many Muslims believe that it is absolutely essential for women to veil (face-veil) themselves. Indeed, for certain Muslim groups, particularly, the traditionalists; it is a cardinal belief. But the veil (face-veil) as Muslim women scholars have shown is a pre-Islamic, upper class custom that was later adopted in Muslim societies.”


In times of war or military conflict, Islam forbids the following acts to be done by any Muslim combatant:
- Forbids the killing of women and children;

- Forbids the mutilation of the enemy’s dead bodies, not to commit acts of betrayal, cheating and treachery;
- Not to kill children, women, or old men;

- Not to cut down fruitful trees;

- Not to burn trees;

- Not to kill animals, except for food;

-Not to disturb monks and hermists

“the Muslim army is even, to warn the adversaries of possible combat”

Here, our analysts asked: did the MNLF warn the Armed Forces of their attack? meaning was there a declaration of war?
In addition, Islam’s rule of engagement includes:

- the captives are to be fed and looked after

In the shining history of Islam, an unprecedented practical example of conduct in the battlefield was given by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he conquered Mecca:

- whoever stayed indoors was pledged safety

- giving amnesty to the Makkans (Meccans) despite their previous persecution of Muslims, the Prophet made the famous statement:
-  “Go! you are free!”

(to be continued in the final series)

By Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj.

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