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Napoles twiddled senators at will


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of all…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Mark 10:43-44, the Holy Bible).

YOLANDA A DUD, BUT MORE TYPHOONS TO COME: At about 9:50 in the morning of November 08, 2013, the skies over Metro Manila and surrounding provinces were only basically cloudy, with bright traces of sunlight filtering through them, belying the projected ferocity of super typhoon Yolanda which, media was reporting at about that time, only brought intermittent strong rains and gusty winds.

It would seem that the forecasts about its strength, both from weather experts abroad and from our own weather bureau, were either grossly mistaken again, or, perhaps, Yolanda dissipated somehow and lost steam as it hit many areas of the country. Thank God, in the name of Jesus, for another gracious delivery of the Filipino people from a potentially deadly storm, but there is no reason to be complacent or to put our defenses down.

The prophecy about the coming of devastating and destructive rains, floods and strong winds remain, what with the worsening global warming and climate change around the world, and so there is a continuing need for all of us to be on guard all the time, by pursuing the reading of God’s Word, the Bible, and obeying His commands, which are the antidotes to the death and destruction from calamities, as prescribed in Matthew 7:24-27 of the Bible.

“PUBLIC SERVANTS”, “PUBLIC MASTERS”: Former Pateros, Metro Manila Mayor Jose “Pepe” Capco shared with me, as we were both waiting for our respective court hearings at the Taguig City Hall of Justice on Friday, October 08, 2013, some bits of wisdom about who are “public servants” and “public masters”, occasioned by his experience with employees at an office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Capco said he went to this office one day for an official transactions, but the employees at the gate barred him from entering because he had no ID. The former mayor, now practicing as a lawyer, then popped the question to the employees, saying he will enter the office on the basis of their answer: “tell me, as between you and I, who are to be considered as public servants and public masters?”

The DENR employees realized the wisdom in Capco’s query, and then and there allowed him to enter the DENR office. Capco said that if only all government officials and employees would realize that they are, in reality and at all times, mere “public servants”, much of government abuse and even corruption will cease and be substituted with real “good governance.” I could only agree with him, for that is what Mark 10:43-44 of the Bible is telling us about officials and leaders.

NAPOLES TWIDDLED SENATORS IN HER FINGERTIPS: Indeed, as we wrote here the other day, there is nothing that the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will be able to squeeze out from Janet Lim Napoles in her much-publicized face-off with her former employees last Thursday, November 07, 2013. As it was, Napoles, either too intelligent, or much too prepared for the bumbling and nauseously-pontificating, and even wildly-accusatory, senators, showed she can twiddle the senators at will.

Sen. TG Guingona III only succeeded in portraying the ineptitude of his committee and its members in extracting information from a “resource person” such as Napoles, who is very determined to divulge as very little information as possible. It even showed that the senators’ only desire, in its futile interrogation of Napoles, was to gain favorable media mileage, which they did not of course get.

In fine, the appearance of Napoles in Guingona’s committee was a waste of time, money and resources, which could have been put to use in some better endeavor. After all, even the expenses in having Napoles brought to the Senate investigation, and the expenses for the investigation itself, were all taken from the people’s taxes. It is a pity that, really, senators do not know how to value our taxes.

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