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LDP preparing this early for 2016 local polls?



THE especial barangay polls on Nov. 25 in mi ciudad de Zamboanga appears highly competitive and looms to be very exciting & thrilling all the way— particularly in those hotly-contested urbanized villages like Talon-Talon, Tetuan, Sta. Maria, Pasonanca, Lunzuran, San Roque, (Upper) Calarian, those barangays of Baliwasan San Jose, Grande & Chico, Canelar and all the others comprising the city’s 98 total barangays in whole.

AND, like others keen to support their favorites to win in the said polls, I have mine too.

MY best bets for the forthcoming special barangay elections, to my regrets, can’t be divulged at this point in time.

“Baka man sentimiento cuntigo pencing losdemas, c mentiona mga favorites dituyu,” buen advice ya dale c Bogs.

TO Bog’s own good counseling, I better not to.

JUST the same, I wish the best of luck to all of you bets running in this fast approaching special barangay polls in ZC.

OHALA, nuay lli mga disturbing reports durante ila Campania. Ohala, nuay sangrino ay de’rama.

TRUE to our character, the Zamboanga folks have never resorted to violence in any electoral exercises.
LET’ keep our political tract record untainted.

THE deadliest- Super-typhoon Yolanda, indeed, rendered such a catastrophic scenario, unimagined it’d ever happen with such an immensity.

THE fang of the monster-storm centered its fury right in the heart of Tacloban, Leyte as it lashed all its might across the Visayas region at a deadly speed of more than 300km an hour.

“THIS is the strongest storm ever recorded in history,” stressed a weatherman on our TV screens while describing its destructive path upon entering our country the Philippines on Friday.

THE  monster-typhoon exited the country fast, and as of Sunday morning, it was reportedly heading towards Vietnam.
QUE grabe ste c Yolanda!

WOW!  Such too early!
BUT, one insider whispered to this corner early last week that the LDP camp in here led by Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat met in a supposed caucus for the first time since the May polls this year.

THE former city mayor and now as House Representative once more— representing ZC’s first district, was said well rejuvenated & found highly animated in his ‘tete-a-tete’ meeting with all his LDP party-mates.     

“THE mayor appeared deeply touched by the two crisis that hit us, and expressed his utter disgust over this malady,” the source revealed.

“Talla c Mayor Beng(Climaco-Salazar) na meeting, pencing?” c Bogs interesao sabe.

“Siguru talla ele pencing,” c Ador tamen ya combersa.

“Nuay c Mayor Beng Lla, asegurao cay Liberal man le y hinde LDP,” c Nado yaman sabiondo ya tamen.

THE source confirmed such notion that Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar wasn’t present in their meeting as it was purely LDP matters all the way.
“TA prepara ya gaha’ para co’re otrabes para mayor na 2016 pencing?” c Bogs ya ace pregunta ya tamen.

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