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K-12 Curriculum: Truly An Educational Challenge


Catalina Vda De Jalon Memorial School

The K-12 Program is the current thrust of our education community that spells out a paradigm shift from the Philippine Educational set-up to what obviously is an adaptation of the educational system of America, Canada and Korea, to mention a few.

The K-12 curriculum, in its most plain term refers to kindergarten-to-Grade 12. This is a change in our education set-up which begins with what is now a required kindergarten education, to Grade 1-12. The K-to-12 program adds two more years of our basic education called the senior high school. Thus, simplistically, our basic education begins with kindergarten, followed by Grade 1-6; then the usual four-year high school, now called. Grades 7-10. The added two years will be called senior high school where the students are taught and trained skills, vocational work or task to make the graduate skillful, and therefore making him get ready for employment even before going to college.

Now we are journeying on the road of this new thrust. As a language teacher of one Elementary School here in Zamboanga City, I am challenged to enhance the reading competence of my students; among other things, to harness the students’ communication competence. It is so evident that the K-12 program is skill based, and I dare say that this is challenge because we are shifting from the old basic education to the K-12 program. Painstaking though, but we have to surmount the challenges of the time initiatives and efforts are taken up the pave the way to what is now, under implementation. Seminar-workshop, for conferences and professional gatherings were held, and are still being organized to strengthen more the skills and readiness of our teachers especially from high school and elementary.

As an elementary teacher, I feel the shift or change to the new program is so drastic but I’ll get used to this. In my reading class for example, I realize that there is really a need to put my right foot forward to make students learn more, and develop the reading skills they will need when they go to high school.

“Nothing is permanent on Earth, but change”, goes the popular maxim. As educators, we have to go with change of time. The K-12 curriculum is a big change- a quantum leap in our education community. So challenging tremendously tedious in the task but its worth the try. Together we are succeed, together we can surmount the educational challenge of the time.

By Ricardo E. Martinez

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