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This bet’s track record is just awesome!



SHE is one of a kind in public service.

DIVISORIA (KGWD) AIDA FUCHAY is definitely running for barangay chair(wo)man in the said village- some 5 or 6 kilometers from downtown.
BRGY. Divisoria is thickly inhabited— with an estimated 10,000 population.

OF the significant number of people residing in the said barangay, its strong 5,000 registered voters are to decide its new set of barangay officials come ZC’s special brangay polls on Nov. 25.

FUCHAY’s tract record is  impressive. She’s undefeated since she launched her candidacy for kagawad in Divisoria in 2002.
NOW, on her last tenure as a three termer-kagawad, Fuchay is said to be a hands down choice of its voters for its top post.
THIS workaholic kagawad has proven her mettle as all-around public servant in her community.

I know of such a rare caliber in her as I have dealt with her pretty much while a series of adverse social issues crop up during her nearly 10-year uninterrupted term in office.

ONE was when she boldly referred to this corner (pencing) the alleged graft & corruption enmeshed in her own barangay, supposedly involving certain village officials.

I surmise she still has a clipping on the said issue, and it reportedly paid off.

ANOTHER case of such bravery and boldness in her (of course done with all aptness & appropriateness) was when she fought out her true principle on the fastidious drainage system issue arising in her barangay.

SUCH a controversy fueled when City Hall then knew the Divisoria Barangay Hall’s location was set up in a subdivision site unlawful for any drainage construction.

IT was one case marred with such a fuss.

FUCHAY fights for the people’s rights— especially for the poor & the indigents in Divisoria’s known impoverished & depressed communities like for the impaired and/or disabled folks residing in a grossly depressed ‘subdivision’ area in its Sitio Lumiyap.

“I promise them that I’ll fight for their rights, win or lose,” the daring bet for barangay chieftain in Divisoria vowed.

WHILE she looks bold and brave in the exercise of her duties as a kagawad, Fuchay is described as very warm & compassionate as a person—especially when dealing with the elderly—meaning the senior citizens.

HER prowess and her charisma as a community leader is her key factor, particularly amongst the women, towards her triumphant march when the brgy. polls here pulls through on Nov. 25.

SHE’s undoubtedly a strong advocate for the women’s rights, be they the young or the old.

FUCHAY frequently embarks on feeding programs for children and other known pro-poor projects, as well, especially meant for the destitute people in the said community.

WHEN outreach missions like those for the medical & dental aids are intended for Brgy. Divisoria, Fuchay is notably one of the busy kagawads on such events.

LIKEWISE, she’s a hands-on kagawad when it comes to the distribution of relief items, including in educational supplies for the school kids.

ASIDE being deeply rooted in local affairs, Ms. Fuchay has a remarkable involvement on the national level— being the top provincial action officer of the PDP/LABAN, a party to reckon in 2016 as Vice Pres. Jojo Binay will vie for President by that year.

“SHE’s a true asset of any political camp or party. She’s really a hardworking public servant,” attributed one ace political official in ZC on her.

FUCHAY launches her strong bid for the Divisoria Barangay Chair as she filed her CoC on Nov.8 together with her whole “Team Fuchay”— composed of those running for kagawads under her: Marissa Mariano, Dexter Gregorio, Yolly Mariano, Julie Covarrubias, Alfredo de Leon, Baby Pioquinto and Noel Ramos.

ABSOLUTELY, I’m not campaigning for anyone, it just so happen Ms. Aida Fuchay deserves rightfully to be in my column today. Her credibility— as far as pencing is concerned, is awesome!     

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