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Is politics behind the Ayala grenade attack?



THE Ayala grenade-throwing incident was deplorable & condemnable in the strongest term!

NO matter how we try to shake it off as having to do with politics, still it’ll hound us to no end, believing it as one of the bloodiest to spark prior to the Nov. 25 crucial barangay polls.

IT has been moved to such date due to the recent huge crisis that struck us all beginning that fateful Sept. 9 dawn attack by the MNLF-Misuari armed faction.

INDISPUTABLY, it was Ayala’s gloomiest day last Monday (Nov. 11) when its own barangay captain, and practically his whole team were nearly wiped out when some cranky fellas would want them all killed for uncanny reason/s that only they themselves will do for their own ulterior motives.

“THIS is a dastardly act that we all condemn to the fullest,” one indignant political expert decried.

INITIAL account from the crime scene said two fatalities while 11 injured resulted in the grenade blast.

IT was gathered that two-(single) motorcycle -riding suspects tossed a powerful hand-grenade (or was it actually two thrown IEDs?) into the crowd protecting themselves from the heavy rains that suddenly exploded in their midst that (Monday), night.

IT was a ghastly scene to behold when law enforcers rushed to the explosion site.

THERE, they stumbled right away two bloodied bodies (believed those of two kagawad bets for the upcoming polls in the said village) who suffered fatal injuries.

THE ELEVEN casualties— including their village chairman( I don’t know his name, so sorry) remain still in the hospital/s after they were whisked there for their serious blast injuries.

“IS this still part of the global terrorism? Or is this sternly dubbed as politically-motivated with the special brgy. elections zeroing in next coming Monday (Nov. 25)?

MANY times, we merely shrug them off as “isolated cases” on these similar bloody occurrences happening in mi ciudad de Zamboanga whenever any political undertakings are slated in every three years.

Remember, in one, two or even more instants when out-of-town bets or candidates got killed in a string of gun-attacks in mi ciudad de Zamboanga before, during or even after the conduct of the elections in recent past?

THEY validly appear with good reasons why our local authorities, in most cases, dub them as lightly such to wrongly laud ZC as still free of any election-related violence though it doesn’t say so at all.

LET’s just truthfully depict what’s factual, what’s honestly correct about what’s creeping and reeling in mi ciudad de Zamboanga.

IN SHORT, let’s all accept the fact and the realities unfolding right now amid all the afflictions affecting our very own lives.

IN that manner, perhaps, the Lord Almighty, the Creator of all things and Who orchestrates our lives here on Earth, will yet spare us from all these maladies inflicting upon us right now.

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